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LLow (transmissions)
L50 (Roman numeral)
LLinks (German: left)
LLimited Time (broadcasting operating schedules)
LLarge (size)
LLow Risk
LLimited (Catholic movie rating)
LLight (Infantry)
LLimited Distribution
LLaser (US military aircraft basic mission designation)
LLicense (Microsoft)
LLeipzig (auto license plate)
LCentral Ontario (postal code designation, Canada)
LLegal Affairs
LLei (Law)
LLap (welded joint type)
LLire (Italian currency)
LLuxembourg (ISO Country Identifier)
LLoop (train transportation system)
LFederal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
LLiverpool (postcode, United Kingdom)
LLatency (network communications)
LLockheed (as in L-1011)
LLibertarian (political party)
LLibra (Latin: Pound)
LLiberty Media Corporation (stock symbol)
LLeader Program
LCold Weather (US military aircraft modified mission symbol)
LPolymerase (virus protein identifier)
LLigand (chemistry)
LLogarithmic (complexity theory)
LLeucine (amino acid)
LLongacre (designer of Indian Head penny; mint mark)
LLinesman (high school football; similar to head linesman)
LLumbar Vertebra (prefix, as in L-1, L-2)
LLength of leg
LLevorotary (optical rotation)
LAzimuthal Quantum Number (used in formulae in quantum physics)
L$100 Cigar
LLord or Baron (British title of nobility)
LUS DoT tire speed rating (75 mph)
LLaser Research and Technology Division (LANL)
LLength of side or any unspecified length
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The proportional width of the gape of mouth, the proportional length of the eyelids, of the orifice of the nostrils, of the tongue (not always in strict correlation with the length of beak), the size of the crop and of the upper part of the oesophagus; the development and abortion of the oil-gland; the number of the primary wing and caudal feathers; the relative length of wing and tail to each other and to the body; the relative length of leg and of the feet; the number of scutellae on the toes, the development of skin between the toes, are all points of structure which are variable.
Table II.- Length of leg segments (mm) of female (Oxyopes bidentata, new species).
Length of leg segments (female from DR Congo, MRAC 139514): I 1.30+0.90+1.00+0.80+0.40; II 0.90+0.50+0.50+0.45+0.30; III 0.80+0.50+0.50+0.55+0.40; IV 1.30+0.50+1.00+0.85+0.45.
Males from warmer regions had longer legs I (relative to leg III) than did those from cooler areas, and the relative length of leg I was positively correlated with the intensity of male antagonism.
Table II.- Length of leg segments (mm) of female (Cheiracanthium saccharanalis n.
Length of leg segments: I 1.70 + 0.50 + 1.66 + 1.58 + 1.04 = 6.48; II 1.42 + 0.48 + 1.32 + 1.22 + 0.86 = 5.30; III 1.38 + 0.56 + 1.16 + 1.20 + 0.76 = 5.06; IV 2.18 + 0.66 + 2.14 + 2.12 + 1.02 = 8.12.
Length of leg segments (from femur to tarsus, and total): I 0.81+0.44+0.61+0.51+0.38=2.75; II 0.76+0.40+0.56+0.47+0.36=2.55; III 0.68+0.34+0.43+0.49+0.25=2.19; IV 0.88+ 0.42+0.71+0.80+0.29=3.10.
I have to get age 7/8 trousers for Kyle's length of leg, but he has no bum and the M&S are great because they have an elasticised waist and are easy to adjust.
He rides with a little bit of length of leg and he's similar in that regard to Aidan Coleman, who's a bigger lad.
Length of leg segments: I Femur 0.77/patella 0.85/tibia 0.62/basitarsus-telotarsus 0.62; II - 0.57/0.25/0.35/0.65; III - 0.5/0.2/0.25/0.52; IV - 0.85/0.22/ 0.52/0.72.
'Remember, we are all different shapes and sizes, so trying out different models is important to find the perfect sofa for your length of leg or height of torso.
I also wondered, `Who am I?' As a dancer you look at the girl next to you, and you see a similar body, the same length of leg, the same breasts.