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LEPRLeptin Receptor
LEPRLibrary of Experimental Phase Relations (web-based database)
LEPRLaser Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
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Previously, the existence of leptin receptors in the heart was documented [15], suggesting a cardiac effect of this cytokine.
Neuropeptide Y (NPY) neurons in the arcuate nucleus (ARC) contain the leptin receptor, which are responsive to changes in nutritional status (Baskin et al., 1999).
The recent development of monopegylated superactive leptin muteins exhibiting antagonistic properties and other leptin-action-blocking peptides, proteins, neutralizing circulating monoclonal antileptin or leptin receptor antibodies, and nanobodies (variable domains of the Camelidae family heavy-chain antibodies) opens a variety new perspectives for their use in research, and finally, as promising therapeutic tools for the treatment of the inflammatory pathologies described above by blocking CD4+ T lymphocyte activation and proliferation, cytokine secretion, phagocytosis, regulation of the hypothalamicpituitary-adrenal axis, reproduction, and angiogenesis and by inducing expansion of naturally occurring [Foxp3.sup.+] [CD4.sup.+] [CD25.sup.+] regulatory T (Treg) cells [205-207].
Importantly, knockdown of Kisspeptin 1 in liver ameliorates glucose tolerance and increases GSIS in the mice fed on high fat diet and the mice with leptin receptor deficiency [57].
Procaccini et al., "Cellular and molecular crosstalk between leptin receptor and estrogen receptor- {alpha} in breast cancer: molecular basis for a novel therapeutic setting," Endocrine-Related Cancer, vol.
Myers Jr., "Regulation of Jak kinases by intracellular leptin receptor sequences," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
16 Science, scientists report that the receptor gene actually encodes a variety of leptin receptors, each of which has a different distribution in the brain.
The rats from pregnant mothers that were fed high fat diets had lower levels of insulin receptors, leptin receptors and glucose transporter 1 than did rats that came from mothers fed normal diets.
Distribution of the long leptin receptor isoform in brush border, basolateral membrane, and cytoplasm of enterocytes.
(31) Studies reported that homozygous mutations in the leptin or leptin receptor (OB-R) genes creates obese, insulin resistant and diabetic mice.
A mutation in the human leptin receptor gene causes obesity and pituitary dysfunction.
Partial cloning and localization of leptin and leptin receptor in the mammary gland of the Egyptian water buffalo.