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LFVLuftfartsverket (Swedish civil aviation)
LFVLepton Flavor Violation (physics)
LFVLarge Field of View (optics)
LFVLower Fraser Valley
LFVLateral Force Variation (property of a tire)
LFVLycée Français de Vienne (French: French School of Vienna; Austria)
LFVLos Feliz Village (East Hollywood, Los Angeles)
LFVLow Frequency Vibration
LFVLunar Flight Vehicle
LFVLuminal Front Velocity
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The large deviations in [mathematical expression not reproducible] and possible anomalies in the other decay channels mentioned above imply possible hints of NP relevant to the lepton flavor violation (LFV) [15].
Exploring possible effects on invisible Higgs decays [181-183], prediction of observable lepton flavor violation as a hall mark of the minimal classic inverse seesaw mechanism has attracted considerable attention earlier and during recent investigations [103, 184-189].
In this section we summarise how, in the absence of SUSY, the classic inverse seesaw and the extended seesaw could still serve as powerful mechanisms to confront neutrino mass, observable lepton flavor violation [109,166], and, in addition, dominant lepton number violation [110,175-177] in non-SUSY SO(10).
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We choose to map out the possible schemes taking their potential phenomenological implications as guiding criteria, focusing on possible signatures at the LHC and lepton flavor violation (LFV) processes (Figure 1).
In such high-scale type-I and type-III seesaw varieties neutrino mass messengers are above the energy reach of any conceivable accelerator, while lepton flavor violation effects arising from messenger exchange are also highly suppressed.
In contrast, if type-II seesaw schemes are chosen to lie at the TeV scale, then lepton flavor violation effects as well as same-sign dilepton signatures at colliders remain [43]; see below.