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LTALand Transport Authority
LTALand Trust Alliance
LTALawn Tennis Association
LTALove to All
LTALetter to America (podcast)
LTALess than Average
LTALocal Tourism Association
LTALipoteichoic Acid
LTALog and Trace Analyzer
LTALandesk Trusted Access
LTALong Term Analysis
LTALieutenant (Singapore military)
LTALong Term Arrangement (various organizations)
LTALong Term Archiving
LTALifetime Achievement (Award)
LTALa Tenes Adentro (Spanish: The Inside Tenes)
LTALong Term Agreement
LTALifetime allowance
LTALost Time Accident
LTALong Term Average
LTALibrary Technical Assistant
LTALong Time Agreement
LTALight Transport Aircraft (National Aerospace Laboratories; India)
LTALambda Theta Alpha (sorority)
LTALong-Term Abuse (Wikipedia)
LTALong Term Agricultural (zoning)
LTALead Technical Analyst
LTALine Throwing Apparatus (life-saving equipment; various companies)
LTALettre de Transport Aérien (French: Airway Bill; transport industry)
LTALottery Tuition Assistance (South Carolina)
LTALender’s Technical Advisor (various companies)
LTALicensed Travel Agency (various locations)
LTALess Than Adequate
LTALocal Training Area
LTALesotho Telecommunications Authority (now Lesotho Communications Authority)
LTALicensed Title Agent (real estate)
LTALower Torso Assembly (space suit)
LTALeave Travel Allowance
LTALeukotriene Antagonist (drug)
LTALogistics Transformation Agency
LTALiteracy through Art (various locations)
LTALife Threatening Allergy
LTALast Time Around
LTALong Term Assignment
LTALocal Taxpayer Advocate (US IRS)
LTALead Test Assembly
LTALittle Tunny (FAO fish species code)
LTALimited Term Appointment (university faculty)
LTALearning Through Action (UK)
LTALost Ticket Application (aviation financial term)
LTALake Town Affiliates
LTALocal Thermal Analysis
LTALocal Training Authority (Navy/CNET)
LTALearning Through Action (UK charity)
LTALocal Traffic Authorities (UK Highways Agency)
LTALike Totally Awesome
LTALimited Technical Assessment
LTALife Threatening Arrhythmia
LTALouisiana Telecommunications Association
LTALEM Test Article
LTALeast Interference-Below-Threshold Algorithm
LTALead Trial Attorney
LTALackland Training Area
LTALink-Traffic Analysis
LTALocal Target Area
LTALandbased Technician Accreditation
LTALow Threat Area
LTALearning and Teaching Assistant (UK)
LTALoad-Transfer-Acknowledgment Signal (ITU-T)
LTALiberty City Transport Authority (gaming, Grand Theft Auto IV)
LTALocal Trace Assertion
LTALumenare Test Automation
LTALifetime Alignment (automotive service)
LTALow Temperature Aftercooler (engine cooling system)
LTALong Thin-Line Array
LTALaryngeal Tract Anaesthesia
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"Clearly, those that gave a less than adequate response got a little bit more attention than the others.
This is principally down to what we view as less than adequate liquidity given substantial overdraft borrowings that could potentially be called in at any time by lending banks.
Therefore, is it too much to ask our political masters in the Welsh Assembly that our elderly people all deserve nothing less than adequate protective legislation in their care homes?
"If Eurasia Insurance continues this trend over the next 18-24 months, we project that the average credit quality of the company's invested assets will move to investment grade, thereby moving our assessment of Eurasia Insurance's financial risk profile beyond the benchmarks for our "less than adequate" category, as per criteria," said in the outlook.
The report said there is no pension or support for the poor and aged and what continues to hold India back is the lack of retirement coverage for the informal sector and less than adequate retirement income expected to be generated from contributions made to Employee's Provident Fund (EPF) and Gratuity benefits.
Is it any wonder after experiencing less than adequate service why it is so easy for our competitors to sell price as the only determinant in deciding where you buy insurance.
Current stocks of finished goods were said to be more than adequate for 16% of firms, while 8% of manufacturing companies said their stocks of finished goods were less than adequate, resulting in a balance of +8%.
(a) Either the ministry arbitrarily decides on such parking requirements - because most of the buildings that have come up in Bahrain during the past many, many years have less than adequate parking.
The top 5 reasons for job dissatisfaction are: the amount of on-the-job stress, the amount of money they earn, their employers' retirement plan, lack of promotional opportunity and less than adequate employer health insurance benefits.
With single, double and split-page artwork, it tells the comic tale of two children and the family dog travelling in Mum's less than adequate car.
This would impact the rating by a 'less than adequate' qualifier attached to liquidity in the coming years, said the ratings agency.
Abraham acknowledges that recordkeeping was "less than adequate."