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LDLLow Density Lipoprotein (so-called 'bad' cholesterol)
LDLLower Detection Limit
LDLLinux Distribution List
LDLLighting Design Lab (Seattle, WA)
LDLLinux Disk Layout
LDLLoad Low
LDLLoad Log
LDLLanguage Description Language
LDLLoudness Discomfort Level (audiology)
LDLLoutit District Library (Grand Haven, MI)
LDLLow Density Level (asset supply management)
LDLLittle Dog Laughed (play)
LDLLow Density Protein
LDLLet's Discuss Live (business slang)
LDLLower Deck Loader (aircraft cargo)
LDLLitho Density Log (Oil Industry)
LDLLimiting Danger Line (various armed forces)
LDLLower Deviation Level
LDLLightwave Data Links (AT&T)
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Some Goldman executives apparently were aware of the risks, using in internal e-mails the acronym LDL, for "Let's Discuss Live." Fortunately for the investing public, not enough people at Goldman decided to LDL, with the result that now we know what they really think.