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References in classic literature ?
Our second post is now overdue, and I shall be surprised if it does not bring us either a further letter of explanation, or, as is more probable, the very volume to which these figures refer."
No doubt he would have told us so had his letter of explanation been written.
In the meanwhile, I need only tell you that I gave her a letter of explanation to present to Sir Jervis Redwood.
A decline in inflation to less than 1% has triggered a letter of explanation from Carney to the Chancellor, George Osborne, because the CPI rate is more than one percentage point away from the Bank's 2% target.
INFLATION is expected to have dipped below 1% in December when official figures are published today, triggering a letter of explanation from Bank of England governor Mark Carney to Chancellor George Osborne.
Consumer price inflation fell to one per cent in November and if it falls any further below the BoE's two per cent target -- something the Bank thinks is likely -- Governor Mark Carney will have to write a public letter of explanation to finance minister George Osborne.
My gun store friends at DeGoff's Firearms in Mechanicsville, Va., and I decided to send the gun back to Taurus along with a sample target and a letter of explanation.
If you answer "yes" to any of the renewal questions regarding arrests, disciplinary action or substance abuse treatment, you will be required to submit certified documents showing the final disposition of the case as well as a personal letter of explanation regarding the incident(s).
He said decisions taken since 2007 on how to prosecute persistent offender Jones, of Hazel Place, Fairwater, Cardiff, had been wrong and he demanded a letter of explanation from the Crown Prosecution Service as to why more serious counts had not been brought against him.
Now bosses have sent a letter of explanation and apology to 800 households near the plant.
Bulgarian Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee chair Iskra Fidosova sent a letter of explanation to the EC, and PM Boyko Borisov was initially dismissive of the Commission's warning, but later "advised" Markovska three times to resign.
She writes most of it in her best friend Al's father's truck as they go to deliver the box of mementoes and the letter of explanation to his door.