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LTELong Term Evolution (3GPP 4G technology)
LTELess Than or Equal (mathematics)
LTELetter to the Editor
LTELong-Term Exposure (various applications)
LTELong-Term Extension
LTELimited Time Event
LTELong-Term Effect
LTELiquid Tension Experiment (band)
LTELong Term Evaluation (wireless communications)
LTELocal Thermodynamic Equilibrium
LTELink to E-Mail
LTELoad Time Expression Error
LTELong Term Evolution
LTELondon Tests of English (language examinations)
LTELifetime Earnings
LTELine Terminating Equipment
LTELimited Term Employee
LTELine Terminal Equipment
LTELoss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness (rotary wing aircraft)
LTELocal Tax Effort (Missouri)
LTELow Temperature Electronics
LTELung Thromboembolism
LTELink Terminating Equipment (SONET)
LTELine Terminating Entity
LTELaunch To Eject
LTELibrary Technology Educator
LTELow Thrust Engine
LTELocal Transport and Erection (contracts)
LTELine Trunk Equipment (Nortel)
LTELocal Thermodynamic Emissions
LTELightpath-Transponder Edge
LTELast Test Event
LTELimited Technical Evaluation
LTELimited Technical Experiment
LTELow-Tide Elevation
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So when a guy starts out his letter to the editor with something like "You'll never print this
A letter to the editor is an excellent way to express your views on the value of CTE and influence your Members of Congress because they read the hometown and local newspapers to keep abreast of important issues affecting their constituents.
The author of the letter to the editor, one Lee Zaslofsky, feels that the Harper government should welcome these undesirables with open arms.
Let me be clear: Her letter to the editor did not amount to sedition," Nicholson wrote to Bingaman.
If that letter to the editor doesn't get the kid his Boy Scout merit badge in communications, I don't know what will.
According to the RCFP, Las Cruces Municipal Court Judge James Locatelli had written a letter to the editor saying he and Judge Melissa Miller-Byrnes were "tired of seeing intoxicated drivers and other offenders go free because the prosecution is not doing its job," and Miller-Byrnes was quoted calling an assistant attorney "a smart ass, a smart aleck who has interfered with the administration of justice.
Kendra's letter to the editor in the January 23 issue entitled "Motive for War," I first of all question tagging the private automobile as "hedonistic" rather than the necessity that it is, and I sense that Mr.
These include a letter to the editor about the Carter-Baker Commission election reform recommendations published in the New York Times and an op-ed piece with Public Citizen's Nicholas Nyhart about "Clean Elections" in Connecticut printed in the Hartford Courant.
In order for any 'case' to be accepted for publication, whether as a Case Report or as a Letter to the Editor, it must have clear educational value.
This letter to the editor is in no way suggesting whom to vote for, but as Christians we must pay more attention, we must question those that lead us, we must take more responsibility.
Next, I nearly cried as I read Gregory Bryant's letter to the editor.
The much-beloved tree's passing was chronicled in the Waukon Standard, which ran a letter to the editor explaining that the tree was deemed to be dying and deteriorating, and therefore a hazard to passersby.