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LTTELiberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Sri Lanka militant group)
LTTELetter to the Editor
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To submit a letter, send an email to with the subject line, "Letter to the Editor." Please include your name, title, and location (for example, Fort Wainwright, Alaska) with the submission.
So when a guy starts out his letter to the editor with something like "You'll never print this!" most of the rest of us know he's not a regular reader--in spite of what he claims.
A letter to the editor is an excellent way to express your views on the value of CTE and influence your Members of Congress because they read the hometown and local newspapers to keep abreast of important issues affecting their constituents.
The author of the letter to the editor, one Lee Zaslofsky, feels that the Harper government should welcome these undesirables with open arms.
And vindication for Laura Berg, he VA nurse in Albuquerque who was investigated by her boss for "sedition" because she criticized Bush in a letter to the editor of her weekly newspaper.
"They understood that these comments and this letter to the editor appeared against a backdrop of First Amendment law that puts a thumb on the scales in favor of free speech."
In order for any 'case' to be accepted for publication, whether as a Case Report or as a Letter to the Editor, it must have clear educational value.
These include a letter to the editor about the Carter-Baker Commission election reform recommendations published in the New York Times and an op-ed piece with Public Citizen's Nicholas Nyhart about "Clean Elections" in Connecticut printed in the Hartford Courant.
This letter to the editor is in no way suggesting whom to vote for, but as Christians we must pay more attention, we must question those that lead us, we must take more responsibility.
Next, I nearly cried as I read Gregory Bryant's letter to the editor. I echo his words and experience one hundred percent.
The much-beloved tree's passing was chronicled in the Waukon Standard, which ran a letter to the editor explaining that the tree was deemed to be dying and deteriorating, and therefore a hazard to passersby.
I wrote a letter to the editor of my local paper here in Tidewater, Va., but it was not published.