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LIFLifetime (Cable Network)
LIFLeukemia-Inhibitory Factor
LIFLaser Induced Fluorescence
LIFLife Income Fund (Canadian retirement plan)
LIFLogical Interface
LIFLeukemia Inhibitory Factor
LIFLäkemedelsindustriföreningen (Sweden)
LIFLibertad, Igualdad, Fraternidad (Spanish: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity)
LIFLow Impact Forestry
LIFLow Income Family (Medicaid program)
LIFLogical Interchange Format
LIFLow Insertion Force
LIFLatino Issues Forum
LIFLogical Interchange Format (floppy disk file system format)
LIFLocation Interoperability Forum
LIFLeft Iliac Fossa
LIFLight Interference Filter
LIFLipizzan International Federation
LIFLogistics Intelligence File
LIFLighting Industry Federation Ltd.
LIFLink Independent Format (General Dynamics UK)
LIFLearning Innovations Forum
LIFLaegemiddel Industri Foreningen (Denmark)
LIFLocked-in Income Fund (Canada)
LIFLinear Information Flow
LIFLayaway of Industrial Facilities
LIFLeksands Idrottsförening (Swedish Ice Hockey Club)
LIFLOGMOD Information File
LIFLoss Indication Filter (multicasting)
LIFLorentz Inertial Frame
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Leukemia inhibitory factor induces an antiapoptotic response in oligodendrocytes through Akt-phosphorylation and up-regulation of 14-3-3.
Generation of sensory neurons is stimulated by leukemia inhibitory factor. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1991;88:3498-501.
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Leukemia inhibitory factor has also been identified in the human endometrium, (58) but whether this factor has the same importance in humans as in the mouse remains to be determined.
Leukemia inhibitory factor can substitute for nidatory estrogen and is essential to inducing a receptive uterus for implantation but is not essential for subsequent embryogenesis.
Bai, "Leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) and LIF receptor in human lung distribution and regulation of LIF release," American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology, vol.
AMSBio said it has added mouse Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (mLIF) to its range of stem cell research products.
The neurotrophic factors that are covered include brain derived neurotrophic factor, neurotrophin 3, nerve growth factor, neurotrophin 4/5, glial cell derived neurotrophic factor, ciliary neurotrophic factor, leukemia inhibitory factor, transforming growth factors and platelet-derived neurotrophic factor.
The Role of Leukemia Inhibitory Factor and Metalloproteases in Spinal Cord Regeneration
GeneIn transfection reagent forms part of range of stem cell qualified products including leukemia inhibitory factor (mLIF) and fibroblast feeder cells that offer reproducible performance and high consistency from lot-to-lot.