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L1Level 1 (cache on or near processor die)
L1Native Language
L1Layer 1 (physical/electrical interface)
L1Link 1 (GPS, aviation)
L1League 1 (English football league)
L1Leave One
L1First Lumbar Vertebra (anatomy)
L1Lower One (business/investing; science)
L1Language One (native language)
L1GPS Frequency (1575.42 MHz)
L1LineOne (UK ISP)
L1Local Interconnect
L1First Sun-Earth Libration (Lagrange) Point
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Essak and Sons Home Textiles###Hall 10 Level 1 Stand C58###Fairdeal Textiles (Pvt) Ltd.###Hall 10 Level 3 Stand F40
Textiles###Hall 10 Level 1 Stand D51###Falcon Textiles###Hall 10 Level 0 Stand D23
The water level reached alert level 1 at 11:37 a.m., alert level 2 at 1:38 p.m., and alert level three at 2:40 p.m.
Level 1 evidence (the highest category) includes randomized, controlled trials; meta-analyses; systematic reviews; and reports of diagnostic sensitivity and specificity.
Nevertheless, it is important for readers of medical literature to recognize that the validity of conclusions drawn from level 3 or level 2 studies (or lower level reports) may not be as certain as the validity of conclusions derived from level 1 studies.
There are 12 theory worksheets in Level 1, for example, and 23 in Level 5--excellent for students who don't normally use theory books, but considerably below the norm for those who do.
For example, level 1 and level 2 could be tabs at the top navigation bar, and level 3 could be hyperlinks provided on the main content page.
For example, a group of campers age nine who are at camp for a week could reasonably accomplish Level 1, Earth.
Following the taxonomy, the thinking levels were: (a) Level 1 - Knowledge, (b) Level 2 - Comprehension, (c) Level 3 - Application, (d) Level 4 - Analysis, (e) Level 5 - Synthesis, and (f) Level 6 - Evaluation.
It is possible to classify workers that is, white-collar knowledge workers - into one of five distinct levels, from the least productive and least fulfilled employees at Level 1 to the masters of productivity and personal balance at Level 5.
These levels are often referred to as level 1, 2, 3, etc., or by progressive terms such as basic, intermediate, enhanced and comprehensive.
Sailing: Level 1 Dinghy Instructor is the most appropriate certification for camp staff.