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L4Level 4 (ISDN User Part)
L4Lumbar Spinal Nerve 4 (anatomy)
L4Fourth-Stage Larvae (parasitology)
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Cross-sectional surveys (surveys or interviews of a subject population) and case reports for short case series are examples of level 4 evidence.
Whereas, a group of fourteen year-old campers who are coming to camp for two weeks and going on a backpacking trip could likely complete Level 4, Weather.
Following the taxonomy, the thinking levels were: (a) Level 1 - Knowledge, (b) Level 2 - Comprehension, (c) Level 3 - Application, (d) Level 4 - Analysis, (e) Level 5 - Synthesis, and (f) Level 6 - Evaluation.
The number of components assessed for each level are as follows: (a) Level l: 49; (b) Level 2: 92; (c) Level 3: 11; (d) Level 4: 14; (e) Level 5: l; and (f) Level 6: 0.
The most obvious difference we notice at Level 4 is a superb ability to organize and delegate, so let us call them the organized delegators.
In this example, management selects level 4 as the overall normal index for the three areas.
If valid, the levels would yield ratio probabilities, i.e., level 4 patients would die twice as often as level 2 patients.