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LGLife's Good
LGLife's Good (electronics company, Japan, Asia)
LGLittle Girl
LGLady Gaga (musician)
LGLocal Government
LGLandgericht (German court)
LGLiebe Grüße (german chat closing like "cheers" or "CU")
LGLeft Guard (football)
LGLargo (Portuguese postal usage)
LGLet Go
LGLittle Giant
LGLumen Gentium (Light of the Nations; Second Vatican Council)
LGLuxair (Luxembourg, IATA airline code)
LGLanding Gear
LGLiquid Generation
LGLieutenant Governor
LGLa Grange (Texas)
LGLuxury Goods
LGLondon Gazette (London, UK)
LGLandesgericht (Court of Justice; Austria, Europe)
LGLower Ground (floor)
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LGLand Grab (online game)
LGLesbian and Gay
LGLogistics Group
LGLaser Guided
LGLine Group (Alcatel)
LGLife Guards (A British Regiment)
LGLinux Gazette (computing)
LGLiquid Gas (energy source)
LGLightning Gun
LGLiving Greyhawk (RPGA run Dungeons and Dragons Living Campaign)
LGLawful Good (gaming)
LGLois Griffin (Family Guy character)
LGLevel Gauge
LGLower Gastrointestinal
LGLightguide (optical fibre)
LGLittle Gamers (comic strip)
LGLeft Gaze
LGLockwood Greene
LGLanding Ground
LGLetter of Guarantee (legal document)
LGLiar Game (Japanese drama)
LGLateral Gastrocnemius (muscles)
LGBinary Logarithm (Base 2)
LGLady of the Garter
LGLos Gatos, CA, USA
LGLocation Gateway
LGLight of Latgale (Latvia)
LGLinguistic Geometry
LGLower Garage
LGLicensed Geologist
LGLanding Group
LGDCS/Logistics (USAF)
LGLucky Goldstar Corporation (South Korea)
LGLethal Ghosts (gaming clan)
LGLiter Gena (Slovak underground music band)
LGLip-Of-Gutter (surveying)
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* Level gauge to allow for operation on uneven ground.
The radar level gauge also acts as a backup to the high-high level switch.
The DEF level gauge is derived from Maxima's J1939 Direct Data-Bus Instrument (DDBI) line that uses J1939 protocol to tap into the engine control monitor to measure speed, temperature, pressure and volts.
Suitable for use in hazardous areas, the BM 702 level gauge is reputed to be the first 2-wire Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar level device.
The new MagneStar magnetic liquid level gauge from L.J.
The increased diagnostics of the 854 Servo level gauge allow it to detect failures inside the gauge or in the application and report this to higher-level systems for further action, mitigating the possibility of mechanical failure.
Model TLG (Tank Level Gauge) features all-metal construction and offers safe, convenient operation.
The public tender "Operation of Level Gauges and Rain Gauge of the Pilsen Region II" is aimed at continuing the phase of the project "Improvement of the Flood Service System in the Pilsen Region", part "Addition of the Level Gauge and Rain Gauge Network" and the Operational Section "Operation of Level Gauges and Rain Gauge Measuring Instruments of the Pilsen Region" to ensure further operation of the entire system.
The level gauge must be able to calibrate using the emerson-475 communicator (the communicator is not included in the delivery) by means of the dd (device description) file installed in it.
K-TEK is offering its KM26, described as a ragged, low-maintenance, magnetic level gauge that includes a performance guarantee and 5-year warranty.