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LOILetter of Indemnity (international trade and carriage business)
LOILetter Of Intent
LOILack Of Information
LOIList Of Items
LOILetter of Inquiry
LOILevel of Importance
LOILevel of Independence
LOILoss On Ignition
LOILetter of Invitation
LOILeague of Ireland (Irish soccer league)
LOILine of Inquiry
LOILevel of Intervention
LOIList of Illustrations
LOILack of Intelligence
LOILetter of Investigation
LOILimiting Oxygen Index
LOILocation of Injury (medicine)
LOILaw on Investment (various locations)
LOILimit of Indemnity (insurance)
LOILimit of Identifictation (chemistry)
LOILament of Innocence (video game)
LOILa Oferta Irresistible (Spanish: The Irresistible Offer; Uruguay)
LOILodge of Instruction (Masonic lodge)
LOILevel of Interoperability (various organizations)
LOILoss of Imprinting (oncology)
LOILunar Orbit Insertion
LOILocal Operator Interface
LOILength of Interview (surveys)
LOILack of Interest
LOILevel of Interactivity (software)
LOILife Outreach International
LOILaughing on the Inside
LOILoyal Orange Institution (religious group)
LOILocation of Interest
LOILoss Of Input
LOILimited Over International
LOILeyton Obsessional Inventory
LOILoan Origination Interface (software)
LOILine Oriented Interview (airlines)
LOILetter Of Instruction/Interest
LOILending One, Inc.
LOILiving Ocean International
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If you look at the map again, you can see that Scotland and Wales have the same level of importance as the North West of England or any other region of this country.
Despite the concerns, Korea still remains an important market for European companies, given that 44 percent of respondents saw an increasing importance of the country in their company's overall global strategy and 47 percent characterized the country as having the same level of importance as before.
The Chinese delegation comprises of 40 members which shows the level of importance China gives to the grouping.
She draws on interviews with judges and members of the Registry, texts of interventions, and examination of the type and name of the intervener, looking at whether interventions were made jointly with other interveners, the issues of the case, the controversy, whether the Court found a violation, the level of importance at which the case was registered, whether the intervention can be qualified as restraint or activist, which party the intervener supported, and the types of argument the interveners provided.
The study sought to discover the level of importance these instructors gave to academic rigor and what strategies they used to ensure academic rigor in their courses.
SAKASHITA noted the level of importance related to the soft infrastructure development which aims to realize a safe and effective transport network for the country.
Results indicate that: (1) approximately 63% of the respondents were female; (2) most respondents were between the ages of 18 to 21; (3) approximately 46% of the respondents were white, with Hispanic students representing the next highest ethnic percentage; (4) more than 55% of the respondents expressed the intent to transfer to a four-year college or university; (5) 37% of the respondents stated that they were employed full-time; (6) most respondents reported that they chose their college due to its location, curriculum, flexible class schedules, and low tuition; (7) most respondents showed very low participation in extracurricular campus activities; and (8) most respondents' satisfaction with college services did not totally meet the level of importance they placed on the service.
Results of the analysis show the level of importance of various sustainable criteria and subcriteria elements in planning, design, construction and operation and maintenance stages of highways.
"Given the individual and social advantages of higher education, it would be greatly beneficial to the Philippines if higher education would be given the same level of importance as basic education and secondary education," said Gatchalian.
putting the basics in place - digital literacy must be given the same level of importance as numeracy and literacy, with the right opportunities and provision to enable individuals to achieve a basic level of digital literacy
Still, Hispanics continue to place a high level of importance on various activities to keep themselves mentally and physically healthy.
The aim of this Special Eurobarometer Survey was to understand the relationship between Europeans and agriculture, by exploring the level of importance they attach to agriculture, understanding their view of the role of the farmer and what they believe are the main objectives of the EU with regards to agriculture.