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LOILetter of Indemnity (international trade and carriage business)
LOILetter Of Intent
LOILack Of Information
LOIList Of Items
LOILetter of Inquiry
LOILevel of Importance
LOILevel of Independence
LOILoss On Ignition
LOILetter of Invitation
LOILeague of Ireland (Irish soccer league)
LOILine of Inquiry
LOILevel of Intervention
LOIList of Illustrations
LOILack of Intelligence
LOILetter of Investigation
LOILimiting Oxygen Index
LOILocation of Injury (medicine)
LOILaw on Investment (various locations)
LOILimit of Indemnity (insurance)
LOILimit of Identifictation (chemistry)
LOILament of Innocence (video game)
LOILa Oferta Irresistible (Spanish: The Irresistible Offer; Uruguay)
LOILodge of Instruction (Masonic lodge)
LOILevel of Interoperability (various organizations)
LOILoss of Imprinting (oncology)
LOILunar Orbit Insertion
LOILocal Operator Interface
LOILength of Interview (surveys)
LOILack of Interest
LOILevel of Interactivity (software)
LOILife Outreach International
LOILaughing on the Inside
LOILoyal Orange Institution (religious group)
LOILocation of Interest
LOILoss Of Input
LOILimited Over International
LOILeyton Obsessional Inventory
LOILoan Origination Interface (software)
LOILine Oriented Interview (airlines)
LOILetter Of Instruction/Interest
LOILending One, Inc.
LOILiving Ocean International
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According to the scale defined by Siviero (10), individuals with TCS had satisfactory levels of quality of life for the following realms: level of independence, social relationships and spiritual aspects/religion/personal beliefs (77.43, 76.71 and 80.11, respectively).
The autism centre aims to deliver to the autistic child the maximum level of independence and provide all therapeutic means, including occupational therapy, speech treatment, behavioural therapy, psychotherapy and academic qualification.
It considers how military and civilian officials of the British Empire negotiated their authority with leaders of Boston, how Boston's leaders achieved their level of independence from crown authority and create a unified front, and how the Boston Massacre was assimilated into historical memory.
Set to rise in a 9,000-sqm lot in Alfonso, Cavite, A Special Place will offer a safe, nurturing, and sustainable community where adult children can thrive, maximize their abilities, enjoy an appropriate level of independence, and receive health, educational, vocational, and wellness services.
On the next level of independence are advisors who affiliate with so-called "independent broker-dealers." These BDs are called "independent" for two reasons.
"They come to ALYN for its cuttingedge technique and expertly skilled doctors, nurses and therapists, and dedicated lay personnel, who combine talent and passion to empower each child to achieve his/her highest level of independence and mobility."
* A reasonable likelihood that the services provided will increase the individual's level of independence
His confidence grew so much through doing the course that he was able to confidently serve customers with minimal support and a higher level of independence.
Dr Alker told the ECHO: "The protective factors given to these young offenders by giving them industrial skills meant they could have a level of independence and an employable skill, which we think contributed to the lower reoffending rate.
The report goes on to say: "The joint residential provision will be delivered as determined by the needs of the individual children at any one time and will continue to maximise the level of independence with an agreed approach of reducing support as milestones are reached."
Although most Central American nations compared to their South American counterparts enjoy a "lower level of independence due to their weakness and proximity to the US," Chomsky highlighted Costa Rica as an exception.
Indego is a robotic exoskeleton or powered orthotic device that allows users to stand and walk, and holds great promise for affording people with paraplegia a new level of independence. Indego is an investigational device and limited by law for investigational use only.