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LOMLearning Object Metadata
LOMLompoc (Amtrak station code; Lompoc, CA)
LOMLoss of Motion
LOMLack of Maintenance
LOMLights-Out Management (remote management for servers)
LOMLights Out Management
LOMLAN on Motherboard
LOMLife of Mine
LOMListen Only Mode
LOMLaser Object Manufacturing
LOMLegend of Mana (Playstation game)
LOMLaminated-Object Manufacturing
LOMLow on Mana (Everquest gaming)
LOMLegend of Maxx (comic fan club)
LOMLegion Of Merit
LOMLegend of Max (Dance Dance Revolution song)
LOMLocator Outer Marker
LOMLeague of Micronations
LOMLoss of Multiframe
LOMLords of Mobtown (gaming website)
LOMLegend of Mir (game)
LOMList Of Materials
LOMLoss of Mission
LOMLeader of Men
LOMLight Optical Microscopy (image magnification method)
LOMLords of Midnight (game)
LOMLack of Motivation
LOMLimitation of Motion
LOMLegend of Mazzeroth (online video game)
LOMLittle Old Man
LOMLower Order Mode
LOMLeet Oliver Memorial Hall (Yale University)
LOMLieutenant of Marines
LOMLotsofmods (gaming site)
LOMLevel of Maintenance (logistics)
LOMLeft Otitis Media
LOMLunch On Me
LOMLean on Me Foundation
LOMLoyal Order of the Moose
LOMLocal Operations Manager (Bellcore)
LOMList of Modifications
LOMLeadership Ocala/Marion (Florida, USA)
LOMLeadership and Organizational Management
LOMLaw Office Manager
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A complex of works on maintenance of highways of regional and intermunicipal significance, maintenance of bridges and overpasses, maintenance includes a set of measures aimed at ensuring road safety and ensuring the permissible level of maintenance in accordance with the procedure for assessing the level of general maintenance of roads use of federal significance "(approved by order of the ministry of transport of the russian federation of june 8, 2012 no.
According to Navy Naval Air Systems Command, eCASS saves the Navy money by averting the repair of avionics at the next level of maintenance or sending the parts back to the original equipment manufacturer.
The results concern the relationships between success factors of maintenance management and a classification of companies depending on the level of maintenance management.
SRO President Muhammed Al-Suwaiket said the SRO is currently implementing a number of projects with the goal of raising the railway's operating efficiency, improving the level of maintenance, safety and security control at all railway networks besides the projects to update and expand the organization's fleet of passenger trains and freight service.
However, the rationalization process of Abiana rates should take a number of factors into consideration such as actual level of maintenance and up gradation work required to keep irrigation infrastructure fit for the job(based on Asset Management Plan), net farm income, improvement of irrigation service and control of corruption and overhead costs to harness farmers willingness to pay higher water rates.
"The process has been made so much easier due to the professional manner in which SGB have run their business, and the high level of maintenance afforded their fleet.
The third position defines the lowest level of maintenance that can remove or replace the item.
"Whilst these systems are often highly robust due to their age, they still need a greater level of maintenance than a new system.
In summer, cold water can be pumped through the pipes to cool it and reduce the level of maintenance the road requires.
In 1999, when the contract was drawn up with the Hafod Housing Association, (I was part of the PSSO Team at that time) all the city's Homes were on about the same level of maintenance, but the Hafod Homes ploughed back into their homes a very heavy maintenance investment and they have kept up to standard.
Each contestant must submit a credible field monitoring plan describing how well the system is expected to work, and over what period of time and at what level of maintenance. The plan should also pinpoint expected operational problems and explain how they might be handled.
Decide on the grade of lawn you want, consider factors such as likely wear and tear, speed of growth and level of maintenance.