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LOQLimit of Quantitation
LOQLimit Of Quantification
LOQList Of Questions
LOQLevel of Quantification
LOQLow Quality (project evaluation)
LOQLoquitur (Latin: speaks)
LOQLine of Questioning
LOQLaugh Out Quiet
LOQLead-Off Question (discussion technique)
LOQLeadership Opinion Questionaire
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Markers in the 4 Wantai antibody-seronegative plasma samples from pigs with concordant HEV RNA in plasma and cecal fluid samples, United Kingdom * Cecal [C.sub.t] Viremia, Serologic results for HEV ([dagger]) IU/mL antibody ([double dagger]) Wantai BR IgG BR IgM, AU/mL ([double dagger]) 37.49 BLQ 0.02 0.4 3.40 39.73 BLQ 0.02 0.7 2.20 39.62 69 0.22 0.4 1.50 39.66 45 0.35 1.2 0.80 * AU, absorbance units; BLQ, below the level of quantification; BR, binding ratio test/cutoff; Ct, cycle threshold; HEV, hepatitis E virus.
There are no bibliographic records that indicate the level of NO in response to challenge with Zymosan in HKL of rainbow trout, our results show that at 72 h of incubation, the highest level of quantification is reached, and doses of 1 mg [mL.sup.-1] are the ones which generate significantly higher NO production, showing the highest level of response to Zymosan A.
There are a few areas that are not covered by the five step process that are often thought of as "best practice ERM." While every ERM program is different, most will strive towards some level of quantification, a systemization of the ERM process and driving a change in behavior such that all functional groups within the organization think in terms of risk and address risks themselves of their own accord.
Two months later his viral load is below the level of quantification by ultrasensitive assay (less than 20 copies/mL) and his CD4 T cell count is 267 cells/[mm.sup.3].
Sixteen-week data presented last month at the 39th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy showed that 33 of 55 (60%) heavily pre-treated patients who were given 50 mg of T-20 twice-daily by subcutaneous injection in combination with oral antiretroviral agents responded with a clinically significant reduction of HIV in the blood (viral suppression of greater than 1 log10 from baseline or below the level of quantification of 400 copies/mL using the Roche Amplicor Assay).
In contrast, the newer-model XRF instruments are reported to provide a lower level of quantification of 40 mg/L I in serum [11, 13].