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LEXLexical Analysis (Unix Program)
LEXLife Expectancy (World Health Organization)
LEXLocal Exchange
LEXLeading Edge Extension
LEXLambda Epsilon Chi (Paralegal National Honor Society)
LEXLAN Extension
LEXLexington, KY, USA - Blue Grass Field (Airport Code)
LEXLegal Expert Group (EU)
LEXLow-Resolution X-Ray Spectrometer
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Visitors to Sabic's booth watched new Lexan DH65011 sheet's versatility in a seat back shell manufactured by Khrome Product Transport.
Lexan CXT film has a glass transition temperature of 196C, which opens a wide manufacturing window to meet the required dimensional stability in thermally more demanding processes where higher process temperatures are required.
Last year, SABIC unveiled Lexan EXL AMHI240F filament, based on SABIC's Lexan EXL PC/siloxane copolymer and aimed for use in Stratasys' Fortus FDM printers, as well as other printers with sufficient temperature capability and an open-format architecture.
Global industry trends such as miniaturization and the need to integrate more functions into less space are driving a growing demand for the level of performance offered by Lexan CXT resins.
"The new Lexan BIPV panels show Sabic's commitment to challenging the status quo to find better solutions and create practical innovations for customers in the building and construction industry," said Jack Govers, Sabic general manager, specialty film and sheet.
"Today marks a significant achievement with the addition of awe-inspiring arenas in Brazil that are benefitting from the high performance of our LEXAN sheet portfolio," said Jack Govers, general manager of Specialty & Sheet business at SABIC.
Property Symbol (unit) Glass transition temperature [T.sub.g]([degrees]C) Melting point [T.sub.m]([degrees]C) Power-law exponent n|-| Power-law pre-exponential factor K(Pa-[s.sup.n]) Thennal conductivity k(W/mK) PP-1105 PP-1042 LEXAN VALOX - - 150 165 165 - 110 0.33(T1*) 0.301(T1) 0.481(T2) 0.375(T1) 0.290(T3) 9202(T1) 25.961(T1) 52.048(T2) 22.410(T1) 57.203(T3) 0.12 0.12 0.197 0.24 * The symbols in braces indicate the temperature at which the vilocity curve was calcula1ed.
LEXAN THERMOCLICK sheet system in 50-mm thickness provides the signature high impact resistance of LEXAN resin for safety, ultraviolet (UV) protection on the outer surface for weatherability, and good light transmission for a pleasant ambiance.
Scott said soap and water were sufficient for cleaning, and the Lexan was resistant to scratching.
The Lexan ULG1003 112OQ sheet is a solid polycarbonate sheet that offers superior optical quality for a range of automotive and transportation applications, including laminated and formed glazing for aircraft canopies, motorcycle windscreens, and vehicle windows.
Crystal-clear Lexan Constant Clear film, featuring a proprietary anti-fog coating, adheres to glass doors to help prevent formation of condensation when the cases are opened by shoppers.