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LKBLaboratoire Kastler Brossel (French: Kastler Brossel Laboratory; Ecole Normal Superieur; Paris, France)
LKBLinguistic Knowledge Building
LKBLexical Knowledge Bases
LKBLinux Kernel Booter
LKBLord Krishna Bank (India)
LKBLexical Knowledge Base (computational linguistics)
LKBLinguistic Knowledge Building System
LKBLeah Kreutzer Barber (dance company; New Brunswick, NJ)
LKBLink Belt Company
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These 3 parts only provide the lexical knowledge base for visualization of the components as it is needed in the domain of historical architecture, by defining relationships between them.
KEYWORDS Homonymy; Qualia structure, lexical knowledge base, natural language processing
Acquiring and representing semantic information in a lexical knowledge base.