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LFASLow-Frequency Active Sonar (Navy)
LFASLoan Fraud Alert Service (Mortgage Asset Research Institute)
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The Scottish Affairs Committee's report on the post-Brexit future of Scottish agriculture advocates a complete rethink of farm funding to reflect Scotland's higher proportion of LFA land and proposes an increase in the number of LFA categories to reflect the wide diversity found in the designation.
6) Does the inability of an LFA to regulate rates also eliminate other "important consumer protections" such as: (i) the authority to cap the price of the basic tier and equipment; (ii) the protection of a uniform rate structure; (iii) the prohibition on subscribers being required to purchase any number of programming tiers before they may order premium and pay per view offerings; and (iv) the prohibition on "negative option billing."?
We apply our PCR reaction to a sample pad at one end of a disposable, single-use LFA test strip, adjacent to a "conjugate pad" and followed further along the strip by a test band "T," a control band "C," and finally at the other end of the strip, an absorbent matrix pad (Figure 1).
In July 2011, a lateral flow immunochromatographic assay (LFA) (Immy, Inc., Norman, OK, USA) was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for detection of CRAG in CSF and serum.
Sampling occurred during the fishing season (May to July) during a 6-y period (2006 to 2011) for several LFAs in Newfoundland.
The analytical sensitivity of fluorescent dye-conjugated antibodies in LFAs is limited by high background from membrane/matrix autofluorescence and signal dampening from hemoglobin absorption (Fig.
The present LFA map is used to work out eligibility for financial support, which will take the form of the Uplands Transitional Payment until next year.
"With 80% of the agricultural land of Wales designated as LFA, the support payments provided under Tir Mynydd have been critical in ensuring the continued viability of livestock farming in the uplands and have been a much needed source of income for many of our rural communities.
MARI's LFAS, when used in tandem with ChoicePoint's identity-risk-management and mortgage fraud solutions, is an integral tool in stopping fraud before it impacts a lender's loan portfolio, according to Tom Chmielewski, ChoicePoint's vice president of product marketing.
The plans are being opposed by the member states, which are set to lose considerable amounts of EU funds as a result of the new LFA criteria.
Evidence given to the parliament's Fisheries Committee claims fish exposed to sounds of the frequency and duration of the LFAS, used by nuclear submarines to detect quiet submarines, suffered internal injuries, eye haemorrhaging and death.