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LGNLateral Geniculate Nucleus (part of brain)
LGNLogical Group Node
LGNLíquidos de Gas Natural (Spanish: Natural Gas Liquids)
LGNLook Good Naked
LGNLogical Group Node (Sprint-ATM)
LGNLogical Group Number
LGNLinear Graph Notation
LGNLog-Normal Distribution
LGNLink Goes Nowhere (forums)
LGNLeague of Geofictional Nations
LGNLocal Group Node
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La LGN se encuentra en la costa del Oceano Pacifico, esta dividida por el paralelo 28[degrees]N en dos, y forma parte del complejo Lagunar Ojo de Liebre, dentro de la Reserva de la Biosfera El Vizcaino (Fig.
Con respecto a las relaciones entre el nivel de marea y las abundancias totales para el invierno se registraron tres comportamientos, en ESSA se marco una relacion directa, donde el numero de aves se incremento conforme lo hizo el nivel de marea; en contraste, en LOL, la relacion fue inversa, disminuyendo el numero de aves a medida que se incremento el nivel de marea por ultimo en LGN no hubo relacion aparente (Cuadro 2).
Specific antibodies or antibody clustering have been shown to be predictive of clinical subsets of SLE, type and severity of renal disease, and prognosis of LGN.
This is a striking discovery, since the input from the LGN does not have any such selectivity.
recently confirmed that it had canceled its 700-mile Continental Connector natural gas pipeline as well as its Seafarer LGN Project.
LGN Editor Laura Sharman was presenting the award to the city centre projects team at Liverpool town hall today.
It will mark Mitsubishi Heavy's fourth LGN tank installation in Qatar.
A considerable achievement considering LGN has seen the highest number of entries this year since this prestigious award began in 1987.
In the "causal" case the LGN cannot access the retinal activity independently--for example, to confirm that the "repre sentation" by the ganglion cells is correct.
The LGN is a "club," more or less of GPUSA members.
Single-opponent cells among retinal and LGN ganglion cells can display spatial opponency, colour opponency, or both.