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LGNLateral Geniculate Nucleus (part of brain)
LGNLogical Group Node
LGNLíquidos de Gas Natural (Spanish: Natural Gas Liquids)
LGNLook Good Naked
LGNLogical Group Node (Sprint-ATM)
LGNLogical Group Number
LGNLinear Graph Notation
LGNLog-Normal Distribution
LGNLink Goes Nowhere (forums)
LGNLeague of Geofictional Nations
LGNLocal Group Node
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Caption: Figure 1 Illustration showing the primary visual (geniculocortical) pathway.12 The optic radiations carry signals between the LGN and primary visual cortex
Figure 3 shows the relationship of above described LGN cell and the main information of an image (object).
Hence, this undirected graph with [N.sup.2] nodes, 2N(N - 1) regular edges and m random edges, is used to represent the LGN. It is also used to represent the VC.
Despite being classified into disordered langasite type, LGS, LGN, and LGT have different ionic distributions [24].
There occur losses in the number of responsive cells to the deprived eye, a loss of binocularly responsive cells, shrinkage of cells in the LGN laminae serving the deprived eye and significant abnormalities in the response qualities of the cells that remain throughout life.
En este contexto, es necesario desarrollar estudios de caracterizacion basica que permitan sustentar lineas base que puedan ser consideradas en el plan de manejo de la Reserva de la Biosfera El Vizcaino, para contribuir en asegurar la integridad ecologica de la LGN. La presente contribucion constituye el primer esfuerzo documentado para caracterizar mediante indicadores ecologicos, las variaciones espaciales y temporales de la biocenosis que estructura la comunidad bentonica en la LGN.
Chemicals carrier 'Ginga Marlin' carrying 18,784 tonnes Phosphoric Acid is expected to take berth Engro Terminal on Wednesday, 16th March, while two more Container ship 'MSC Busan' and 'hugo Schulte' LGN Carrier 'Al-Gattara' are due to arrive to Port Qasim on Thursday.
Secondly, the optic nerve transfers the information to the retinal lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) for decoding.
y Reserva Nacional de Paracas por las facilidades logisticas y financieras proporcionadas dentro del Proyecto Monitoreo Biotico y Abiotico para el componente Maritimo de la Planta de Fraccionamiento de LGN, Playa Loberia, Pisco.
However, with the steep decline in crude oil prices all over the world, now a new accord has been prepared to delink LGN price tag from oil price, which the minister is discreetly pursuing.
However, the exportation of LNG to Europe would also require additional investments on the part of both the United States and the European Union in export and import LGN terminals respectively (i.e.
Specifically, they have found evidence of processing in the human lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN), a small node in the thalamus in the middle of the brain that relays nerve impulses from the retina to the primary visual cortex.