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LFSLinux from Scratch
LFSLive for Speed (computer racing simulation)
LFSLabour Force Survey (UK)
LFSLearning for Sustainability
LFSLondon Film School
LFSLog-Structured File System (Unix, BSD)
LFSLocal Fish Store
LFSLow Frequency Sonar
LFSLogical File System
LFSLat File System
LFSLoop Filter Synthesizer
LFSLocal File Server
LFSLog Structured File System
LFSLaunch File Server
LFSLarge File Summit
LFSLow Frequency Sound
LFSLarge File Support
LFSLi-Fraumeni Syndrome (cancer predisposition syndrome)
LFSLeadership, Friendship, Service (motto)
LFSLocal File System
LFSLeague of Filipino Students
LFSLaw Firm Services (various locations)
LFSLarge File System
LFSLateral Flow Strip
LFSLibertarian Futurist Society (political foresight group)
LFSLarge Format Store
LFSLoopback File System
LFSLifelong Friendship Society (Brooklyn, NY)
LFSLoral Federal Systems
LFSLinux Filesystem Standard
LFSLooking for Squad (gaming)
LFSLost, Forgotten or Stolen (badges; Sandia National Laboratories; California and New Mexico)
LFSLegacy Financial System (US EPA)
LFSLegion of Fallen Souls (gaming clan)
LFSLaser Fence Sensor
LFSLanding Force Support Ship
LFSLangley Family Services (British Columbia, Canada)
LFSLexus Financial Service (various locations)
LFSLarge Field Socialization (dog training technique)
LFSLow Flammability, Low Sensitivity
LFSLicensed Financial Services Division
LFSLogistics Fleet Support
LFSLower Frequency Subband
LFSLow Floor Systems (bus model)
LFSLow Flow Switch (engineering)
LFSLead Free Slug (small caliber ammunition)
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For example, for p53 mutation carriers (Li-Fraumeni Syndrome), ESMO recommends screening CBE every 6-12 months starting at age 20-25, with annual breast MRI at age 20-75 (with mammography considered if MRI is not available) (32).
Li-Fraumeni Syndrome. Patients with Li-Fraumeni syndrome have germline TP53 mutations, and significant risk of early onset breast cancer, the most common malignancy diagnosed in adults with this mutation [18].
Our lab at the University of Utah studies the broken DNA damage response in people with Li-Fraumeni Syndrome who are missing their TP53 genes and have a very high rate of cancer.
She thought Sarah's presentation alone was grounds to make her exceptional without the added information of Li-Fraumeni syndrome on top.
Li-Fraumeni syndrome (LFS) is associated with a high lifetime risk of multiple primary cancers including soft tissue sarcoma, osteosarcoma, premenopausal breast cancer, brain tumors, adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC), and leukemias.
She got the all-clear a year later but blood tests revealed Li-Fraumeni syndrome, which increases cancer risk and can be passed down the bloodline.
Gayle, 35, of Houston, Renfrewshire, has been battling a rare genetic disorder, Li-Fraumeni Syndrome (LFS), which increases the risk of cancer and can be passed down the bloodline.
The aetiology of osteosarcoma is largely unknown and evidence of risk factors is inconclusive with the only environmental agents known being ionizing radiation or other predisposing factors such as Paget's disease of bone, fibrous dysplasia, Rothmund-Thomson syndrome, and Li-Fraumeni syndrome.
These conditions include Li-Fraumeni Syndrome, Neurofibromatosis and Beckwieth-Weidemann syndrome.
The presence of Li-Fraumeni syndrome increases the risk of osteosarcoma, breast cancer, colon cancer, adrenocortical carcinoma, leukemia and lymphoma, and brain cancer.
Li-Fraumeni syndrome (LFS, OMIM #151623) is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by an inherited predisposition to cancer and the development of multiple primary tumors at an early age.