LiClLithium Chloride
LiClLife Insurance Corporation Lanka Ltd.
LiClLife in Christ Lutheran Church (Peoria, AZ)
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LICL is the only Fortune 500 company subsidiary headquartered in Chongqing.
LICL is the only captive insurer within the Lattice group, and therefore solely writes business emanating from the group.
LICL is expected to maintain bottom-line profitability for four years out of five.
Lattice is expected to keep LICL capitalized at a minimum of 2x the net estimated maximum loss.
LICL demonstrates very strong capitalization, strong profitability, and conservative underwriting and investment strategies.
LICL demonstrates strong profitability based on low expenses and high levels of investment income--generated from a large surplus account--but partially offset by a volatile claims record.
LICL is expected to remain profitable at an underwriting
The ratings on LICL are closely related to that of its parent Transco Holdings for whom it is a captive insurer.