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LOFLord of the Flies (book by William Golding)
LOFLine Of Fire
LOFLoan Origination Fee
LOFLunch on Fridays (Cleveland Institute of Art; Cleveland, OH)
LOFLiquid Organic Fertilizer
LOFLots of Fun
LOFLoss of Function
LOFLook Out For
LOFLife of Field (oil and gas)
LOFList of Files (computing)
LOFLoss of Flow
LOFLoss Of Frame
LOFLeague of Friends (gaming)
LOFLine Of Flight
LOFLocal Outlier Factor (algorithm)
LOFLevel of Functioning
LOFLake of Fire
LOFLowest Operating Frequency
LOFLetter Of Offer
LOFLife of Fund (finance)
LOFList of Figures
LOFList of Files
LOFLength of An Open File
LOFLiabilities of Foreignness (international business)
LOFLevel Of Fill
LOFLeap of Faith
LOFLack of Fit (polynomial comparison)
LOFLow on Funds
LOFLength of File
LOFLube, Oil, & Filter
LOFLocal Oscillator Frequency (satellite converter)
LOFLaws of Florida
LOFLanguage of Flowers
LOFLibbey Owens Ford Co
LOFLin Only Fan (basketball)
LOFLeft of Frame (film and television industry)
LOFLoss of Fines
LOFLegion of Fire (gaming clan)
LOFLoss of Feedwater
LOFLeakage of Fluid (obstetrics/gynecology)
LOFLaughing on Floor
LOFLegion of Freedom (gaming alliance)
LOFLloyd Open Form
LOFLords of Fuzz (band)
LOFLance of Faith (gaming, Dungeons and Dragons)
LOFLegions Of Felix (game alliance)
LOFPilkington - Libbery Owens Ford
LOFLack of Fail (Internet slang)
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Based on a large-scale survey of Chinese e-business firms, our findings show that institutional capabilities reflected in firms' social-political networking and business model innovation abilities can alleviate e-business firms' liabilities of foreignness and enhance international performance.
SMEs tend to be particularly prone to liabilities of foreignness (Lu & Beamish, 2001).
Dynamics of globalization; location-specific advantages or liabilities of foreignness?
Liabilities of foreignness are defined as the extra tacit and social costs that foreign companies or individuals incur when operating abroad (Zaheer 1995; Eden and Miller 2004).
Offsetting liabilities of foreignness and upgrading capabilities is easier in some advanced economies than in others.
Identifying liabilities of foreignness and strategies to minimize their effects: The case of labor lawsuit judgments in the United States.
While the process model of internationalization suggests a sequential approach to foreign entry that helps firms to overcome the liabilities of foreignness (Johanson and Vahlne 1977), the literature on international entrepreneurship argues that early foreign entry helps firms to generate learning advantages of newness, which enables them to perform better in foreign markets (Autio et al.
The costs of adaptation to the heterogeneous environment the so-called liabilities of foreignness appear particularly in the case of a first entry into a foreign market or a certain foreign region (Hymer 1976; Zaheer 1995).
Abstract Overseas acquisitions as a mode of international expansion entail a high level of risk, especially for firms from emerging economies which face considerable liabilities of foreignness and newness in international markets.
Third, as earlier explained, cross-border knowledge is likely to suffer from liabilities of foreignness (Zaheer 1995) and unprovenness (Rogers 1983; Szulanski 1996) which hamper the learning process because of the resistance of managers to accept the cross-border knowledge.
Second, there is the literature on the liabilities of foreignness (Zaheer 1995; Zaheer and Mosakowski 1997), which address costs associated with spatial distance (e.g., travel, transportation, and coordination over distance or time zones), company-specific costs (e.g., owing to unfamiliarity in a foreign environment), host country environment costs (e.g., lack of legitimacy, economic nationalism), and home country environment costs.