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LNSLecture Notes in Statistics
LNSEast Lansing (Amtrak station code; East Lansing, MI)
LNSLymph Node Sampling
LNSL2tp Network Server
LNSLinux Network Systems
LNSLinux and Network Solutions
LNSL2TP Network Server (terminates L2TP tunnels & provides PPP and network termination)
LNSLaboratory for Neutron Scattering
LNSLogarithmic Number System
LNSLiberation News Service
LNSLaboratori Nazionali del Sud (Italy)
LNSLength Not Specified
LNSLanier National Speedway (Braselton, Georgia)
LNSLancaster, PA, USA - Lancaster (Airport Code)
LNSLondon Nautical School (UK)
LNSLincoln North Star (Lincoln, NE high school)
LNSLocal Needlework Shop
LNSLocal Network Service
LNSLand Navigation System
LNSLiteracy and Numeracy Strategy (New Zealand)
LNSLiteracy Nova Scotia
LNSLeafy Normal Stature (botany)
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Raymond Mungo did that in his memoir Famous Long Ago, which told the tale of the Liberation News Service heist from the thieves' perspective.
There are other lively sequences, such as McMillian's rundown of the ways the government repressed underground papers, a process that included deliberate attempts to stoke the sort of faction fight that ripped the Liberation News Service apart.
Don't they have more in common with the Liberation News Service than any outposts oriented toward the Democratic Party?