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LISLibrary and Information Science
LISLocation Information Server
LISLow Income Subsidy (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
LISLegislative Information System (Virginia General Assembly)
LISLaboratory Information System
LISLove Inspired Suspense
LISLong Island Sound
LISLost in Space
LISLearning and Information Services (University of Hertfordshire, UK)
LISLuxembourg Income Study
LISLanguage Interpreter Services (Canada)
LISLife Insurance Settlement
LISLearning in Style (Minnesota)
LISLocked-in Syndrome (medical disorder)
LISLaboratoire des Images et des Signaux (French)
LISLand Information System
LISLandesinstitut für Schule (German: National Institute for School; Bremen, Germany)
LISLocal Implementation Strategy
LISLogical Ip Subnet
LISLocal Input State
LISLingua Italiana Dei Segni (Italian)
LISLogistics Information System
LISLaboratory of Intelligent Systems
LISLightning Imaging Sensor
LISLibrary and Information Service
LISLaughing Inside
LISLogical IP Subnetwork
LISLine in the Sand
LISLibrary Information System
LISLocate in Scotland (UK)
LISLibrary Information Systems
LISLiability Insurance Supplement
LISLink Information Systems (Japan)
LISLandmine Impact Survey
LISLegume Information System (National Center for Genome Resources and the USDA Agricultural Research Service)
LISLibrary Instruction Services (University of Texas at Austin)
LISLaser Isotope Separation
LISLocal Installation Source (computer files)
LISLoan Insurance Scheme (Singapore)
LISLife Is Peachy (Korn album)
LISLegislative Information Systems (Columbus, Ohio)
LISLocation Information System
LISLines In Service
LISLocal Innovation Systems (MIT Industrial Performance Center project)
LISLaughing In Silence
LISLandscape Industry Show
LISLicense Information System
LISLivestock Identification Services Ltd. (Alberta, Canada)
LISLesbians in Science
LISLisbon, Portugal - Lisboa (Airport Code)
LISLaboratory Impex Systems (est. 1976; various locations)
LISLotgenoten Incest Slachtoffers (Dutch website)
LISLocal Interconnection Service
LISLate-onset Idiopathic Scoliosis
LISLenders Interactive Services
LISLaboratorio de Ingenieria Sismica (Spanish: Earthquake Engineering Laboratory; University of Costa Rica)
LISLiquid Injectable Silicone
LISLaboratory Informatics Symposium (Thermo Fisher Scientific; Waltham, MA)
LISLife Imaging Services (Reinach, Switzerland)
LISLand Information Search
LISLoyola Institute for Spirituality
LISLandscape Institute Scotland (UK)
LISLoad Isolation System
LISLibrary of Iterative Solvers for Linear Systems
LISLuftfahrt-Informatik-Service (German: Aviation-Informatics-Services)
LISLinear Ion Source
LISLegacy Information System
LISLinux Integration Service
LISLibyan Intelligence Service
LISLeveraged Internet Services
LISLead-In Systems
LISLife Insurance Solution
LISLogistics and Inventory System
LISList Insertion Sort
LISLaser Ignition System
LISLeasing Information Services (Surry Hills, NSW, Australia)
LISLaw in the Internet Society (Columbia Law School course)
LISLithium Ion Storage
LISLink Interface Shelf
LISLow Intermittent Suction
LISLethality Test System
LISLaboratoria in Situ
LISLine Item Summary
LISLiquid Injectable Silicon
LISLegislative Institution Strengthening
LISLawful Interception Solutions
LISLaunch Instant Selector
LISLinear Interference Suppression
LISLoad Interrupter Switch
LISLibyan Internet Society
LISLocal Interstellar Space
LISLeven Is Strijd (Dutch: Life Is Struggle)
LISLipoxygenase Inhibitor Screening
LISLoss Input Signal (telcom)
LISLogicomm Internet Solutions
LISLoss Information System (insurance)
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Information Science (for example, Library and Information Science Abstracts [LISA], Information Service for Physics, Electronics, and Computing [INSPEC])
Francois Hendrikz obtained his Master degree in Library and Information Science at the University of Pretoria.
Researchers from the University of North Texas School of Library and Information Sciences surveyed, via a structured interview, 300 low-income African American heads of household at the Parks at Wynnewood, Dallas, Texas, in the spring of 1996 and found that the rank order of preferred sources for health information were a family physician, a family member, friends, a school/public health nurse, a minister/counselor, a community services worker, and a neighbor.
Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
In this paper, I argue that work in the epistemology of testimony (especially that of philosophers David Hume and Alvin Goldman) can help with this important practical problem in library and information science.
This is not always the case with library and information science research topics.
THIS LIBRARY TRENDS ISSUE contains contributions from library and information science researchers as well as economists.
The taxonomy initially was based on data drawn from an ethnographic study of city managers (Grover & Glazier, 1984), an extensive study of qualitative methods and methodologies (Grover & Glazier, 1985), and a review of the library and information science and social science literature.
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