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LOVLand of the Vikings (various organizations)
LOVList of Values
LOVLetter of Verification
LOVLimit of Validity (aviation)
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LOVLos Osos Valley (California)
LOVLove of Variety (consumerism)
LOVLists of Value
LOVLogical Object Volume
LOVLiving Our Values (various companies)
LOVLine of Visibility
LOVLower Ottawa Valley (Canada)
LOVLight-Oxygen-Voltage Sensing Domain (protein sensors)
LOVLibrary of Virginia (Richmond, VA)
LOVLoss of Vehicle (space travel)
LOVMonclova, Coahuila, Mexico - Monclova Airport (Airport Code)
LOVLoss of Value
LOVLetter of Variation (various locations)
LOVLa Organización Verde (Spanish: Green Party, Guatemala)
LOVLast Office Visit
LOVLeuvense Oldtimer Vrienden (Dutch: Leuven Oldtimer Friends; automobile club; Leuven, Belgium)
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John Wiley and Sons and The Virtual Library of Virginia, or VIVA, Virginia's academic library consortium, announced the signing of an agreement which combines open access publishing funds with their journal subscriptions.
Within the Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA), she was one of the early leaders in a monograph collection analysis project across twelve VIVA libraries.
The team at the Library of Virginia has been a great development partner.
Library of Virginia in the year of its publication.
Shade of the Sidra Tree (2010), a nominee for the Library of Virginia
Her time in Virginia is documented by a letter at the Library of Virginia, Richmond (Personal papers collection, Accession 43337), and by the extensive collection of Tayloe family papers at the Virginia Historical Society, which includes an account book with a record of her salary (Mss1T2118b58).
She was the state youth consultant at the Library of Virginia for eight years before coming to Henrico County.
Using newspaper accounts to examine bias and accuracy in the media, this Library of Virginia exhibit looks at the potential of newspapers for historic and cultural research.
Another contributor is the IT History Society (http://www.ithistory.org/), a "world-wide group of over 500 members working together to assist in and promote the documentation, preservation, cataloging, and researching of Information Technology (IT) history," which archives "Past Notable Women of Computing and Mathematics." Other sites retrieved through this search include the Alabama Women's Hall of Fame, collected by the Alabama State Archives; the Maquila Women's Association Homepage and the Women's Studies Institute Twitter Feed, both collected by the University of Texas, San Antonio; Virginia Press Women, Inc., collected by the Library of Virginia; and Urban Outfitters Women's Apparel (!), part of a Teen Consumerism Collection from Miramonte High School.
Slatton's work meticulously examines Whitsitt's papers and diaries, as well as the extensive collection of materials related to these years at the Library of Virginia, the Virginia Baptist History Society, and the James P.
I made little labels with my name that read "Music hath charm, and I hath this music, from the library of Virginia Schultz." Now every time I use one of these scores, it makes my heart smile.
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