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Q: The US and UK forces are in Libya, allegedly in a hunt for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of ISIL.
The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has also informed the Philippine Embassy that it has not issued any approval to any individual or agency in the Philippines and in Libya to recruit and deploy nurses, engineers and other workers to Libya.
In a statement, the embassy said that the suspension in the recruitment, processing, and deployment of Filipinos for jobs in the medical, oil and gas, and other sectors in Libya 'remains in effect and has not been lifted.'
"Libya will descend into a civil war which could potentially lead to a Hobbesian all-against-all state of chaos or partition of the country," he said.
Regarding the restive north African country, the report point to the presence in Libya of the Sudan Liberation Movement of Minni Minnawi (SLM-MM), and the SLM-Transitional Council (SLM-TC) led by al-Hadi Idriss Yahia.
The surge in oil revenues amid recovering production and recovering oil prices allowed Libya to halve its budget deficit last year, to $7.85 billion (10.6 billion Libyan dinars), from $15 billion (20.3 billion dinars) in 2016, the central bank said.
One 2015 deal was signed by the cabinet of Abdullah al-Thinni based in the eastern town of Tobruk near the Egyptian border - where one of Libya's largest crude oil export terminals called Marsa al-Hariga is located.
A brief survey of its history reveals that Libya has most of the time been under the control of foreign powers.
This contract allowed Libya to earn regular foreign currency inflows," Sanalla wrote.
Al-Zaatary works as part of the UN support mission in Libya. He will meet with several Egyptian officials, diplomats, and Arab league personnel as part of his advocacy efforts on the situation in Libya.
Gen Haftar has been leading a campaign named Operation Dignity against Libya Dawn, a coalition of militias led by extremist groups, in a war that has torn much of the country apart and forced 400,000 people from their homes.
The legitimate government of Libya under Prime Minister Abdullah Al Thinni has asked for the United Nations to end the embargo on all sales of arms to Libya so that the government can find the weapons with which to deal with Daesh and other militants who are destroying what little control the fragile government managed to exercise.