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In LIC the security and stability of the population are of utmost importance.
Atari, Jon Leach, VP Lic., 978-921-3744,, P.
Before merging with LOMA in 1997, LIC had been just a service organization, Cipinko said.
of solar wind sit very near the trailing edge of this cloud, which means the LIC will leave us behind sometime in the next few thousand years, Linsky says.
Competing with LIC is the BBC from London, which is being transmitted on a secondary cable system.
Three board members and three former chairs spent 2 1/2 days at LIC's headquarters drafting the association's first strategic plan.
"The Modi government also forced the LIC, which is a 'Navratna' company, to bail out IDBI bank having higher NPAs.
Having been appointed as the MD of LIC in February 2017, Bhargava played a key role in completing the design and setting up of a separate micro-insurance vertical, which was LIC's first comprehensive enterprise-wide initiative in financial inclusion space, the bank said.
LIC said, "The acquirer (LIC) shall complete all procedures relating to the offer within 10 working days from the date of closure of the tendering period, including payment of consideration to those equity shareholders whose share certificates and/or other documents are found valid and in order and are accepted for acquisition by the acquirer."
The board welcomed Hemant Bhargava, managing director of LIC of India, and S K Thakur, the newly designated chief executive and managing director of LIC International, as new members.