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LTCFLong Term Care Facility
LTCFLicense to Carry Firearms (Pennsylvania)
LTCFLenny Trusler Children's Foundation (UK)
LTCFLloyds TSB (Trustee Savings Bank) Commercial Finance (UK)
LTCFLund Transgenic Core Facility (Lund, Sweden)
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"Jake Nichols applied to the Natick police department for a Class A (large capacity) license to carry firearms (LTC) in October of 2015.
Rivers' father has an active "resident Class A large capacity license to carry firearms.'' Willis Rivers owns seven firearms at his Otis Street residence in Fitchburg, the district attorney's office said.
may submit to such licensing authority or the colonel of state police, an application for a Class A or Class B license to carry firearms ...
(139) In 2003, the Appeals Court explained that a license to carry firearms was a privilege granted by statute and not a right protected by the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights.
* Changes in firearms regulations, which allow for "immediate suspension and surrender (when the order is served) of [the offender's] license to carry firearms and/or [firearms identification] cards as well as any firearms, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and ammunition...if the plaintiff can demonstrate a substantial likelihood of immediate danger of abuse."(3)
It creates penalties for transporting firearms into the state for criminal activity or unlawful distribution; establishes penalties for gun dealers who fail to report a lost or stolen weapon and mandates that an individual whose license to carry firearms has been revoked, suspended or denied must surrender all guns in their possession.
Ward did have a license to carry firearms but it was contingent on having another licensed person living in his home with him; no one was living with him the day of the alleged incident.
She told police that while her license to carry firearms was expired, she had a .30-caliber revolver stored securely and unloaded.
Mitchell has a license to carry firearms or an FID card.
There have been many complaints about intolerably long delays for gun owners trying to renew their License to Carry Firearms. I sent my application for renewal two months before my birthday, when my "LTC" was going to expire.
10:28 a.m., a female at the Police Station, on Main Street, reported a license to carry firearms was stolen with a purse in Auburn.
"Prior to the search of the dwelling, police learned that Jonathan Peters does not have a license to carry firearms in the state of Massachusetts nor does he have a valid FID card," police said in a news release.