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LMHPLicensed Mental Health Practitioner (Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services)
LMHPLicensed Mental Health Professional
LMHPLicensed Mental Health Provider
LMHPLatino Mental Health Program (Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology; Boston, MA)
LMHPLocal Mental Health Plan (California Department of Mental Health)
LMHPLocal Mental Health Partnership (UK)
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Customers traveling with an emotional support animal or psychiatric service animal will be required to submit a signed Veterinary Health Form and/or an immunization record (current within one year of the travel date), an Emotional Support/Psychiatric Service Animal Request form which requires a letter prepared and signed by a doctor or licensed mental health professional, and a signed Confirmation of Animal Training form to Delta's Service Animal Support Desk via Delta.
On November 2, Amanda's mother submitted a report from a licensed mental health professional stating that Amanda was not a threat to herself or others.
Using a toll-free telephone number with 24/7 access to licensed mental health professionals, the Telephonic Triage program uses standardized protocols to guide a mental health triage risk assessment.
The toll-free Telephonic Triage Line offers 24-hour response by a licensed mental health professional who uses a research-based mental health and suicide risk-assessment instrument.
Many sources reference the numbers of licensed mental health professionals, but although all private practitioners are licensed, not all those licensed work in private practice.
I encourage independently licensed mental health professionals to consider taking a plunge into the wonderful world of mentoring.
Most EA professionals are licensed mental health professionals or certified alcoholism and drug counselors.
The act is careful in stating that all assessments be performed by licensed mental health professionals and include a person-to-person dialogue if applicable to determine who is in need of psychological health care.
Abu Dhabi A lack of licensed mental health professionals, as well as stigma towards psychological health disorders, is holding back thousands of people in the emirate of Abu Dhabi from seeking help for their illnesses.
This legislation deletes the reference to respiratory therapists and adds references to licensed rehabilitation professionals and licensed mental health professionals.
Licensed mental health professionals include psychologists and psychiatric/mental health clinical nurse specialists in private practice.
Licensed mental health professionals provide immediate emotional support.
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