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LSASLiebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (questionnaire)
LSASLand Status Automated System (Canada)
LSASLothian Surgical Audit System (UK)
LSASLongitudinal Stability Augmentation System
LSASLine-Side Answer Supervision
LSASLaw School Admission Service (Law School Admission Council)
LSASLitter Station Augmentation Set (US Air Force)
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The incidence of social anxiety in the sample of the population of school going children under the age group 14-17 years to be 10.3% by liebowitz social anxiety scale. [4] The age distribution clearly showed that the level of social anxiety was higher in children in their early teens, standing at 11.9% in 14 years old, 17.0% in 15 years, 6.4% in 16 years, and 0% in 17 years old children (P < 0.05) and similar observation was found in our study.
Algunas de las mas utilizadas para la evaluacion de la ansiedad/fobia social son el <<Inventario de ansiedad y fobia social>> (Social Phobia and Anxiety Inventory [SPAI]; Turner, Beidel, Dancu & Stanley, 1989), la <<Escala de ansiedad social de Liebowitz-version de autoinforme>> (Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale Self-Report [LSAS-SR]; Liebowitz, 1987), el <<Inventario de fobia social>> (Social Phobia Inventory [SPIN]; Connor et al., 2000), la <<Escala de fobia social>> (Social Phobia Scale [SPS]) y la <<Escala de ansiedad en la interaccion social>> (Social Interaction Anxiety Scale [SIAS]), ambas de Mattick y Clarke (1998).
In the case of self-report assessment tests of social anxiety in children, three instruments have been used primarily: the Social Anxiety Scale for Children-Revised (SASC-R; La Greca & Stone, 1993), the Social Phobia and Anxiety Inventory for Children (SPAI-C; Beidel, Turner, & Morris, 1995), and the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale for Children and Adolescents (LSAS-CA; Masia-Warner, Klein, & Liebowitz, 2002).
Appendix 1: Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale with Facebook (FB) Measures "Please indicate how much fear / anxiety you feel for each of the tasks below (0=none, 1=mild, 2=moderate, 3=severe)":
Scores of BDI, LSAS and Cooper-Smith SES in patients with epilepsy compared with the control group Control Group Epilepsy Group BDI 9.02 [+ or -] 7.38 19.27 [+ or -] 11.89 LSAS-Anxiety 38.93 [+ or -] 8.87 49.32 [+ or -] 15 LSAS-Avoidance 37.8 [+ or -] 9.16 46.71 [+ or -] 15 Coopersmith SES 49.85 [+ or -] 15.23 44 [+ or -] 7.76 t p BDI -6.20 0.0001 LSAS-Anxiety -5.01 0.0001 LSAS-Avoidance -4.28 0.0001 Coopersmith SES -6.01 0.0001 BDI: Beck Depression Inventory BDI, LSAS: Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale, SES: Self-Esteem Scale Table 3.
Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (26) rates the severity of fear and avoidance in a variety of social interaction and performance-based situations.
-- Patients with social phobia responded favorably to the selegiline transdermal system, with significant improvement in the anxiety component of the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale and other efficacy endpoints in a small phase II study.
The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS) (2004) was designed to assess the severity of social anxiety through evaluation of fear and avoidance in social situations.
SA-AAQ = Social Anxiety -Acceptance and Action Questionnaire; SPS = Social Phobia Scale; SIAS = Social Interaction Anxiety Scale; LSAS = Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale; LSRDS = Liebowitz Self Reported Disability Scale; MAAS = Mindful Attention and Awareness Scale; AAQ-II = Acceptance and Action Questionnaire II; FFMQ = Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire; WBSI = White Bear Suppression Inventory; BDI = Beck Depression Inventory.
The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale for Children and Adolescents: An initial psychometric investigation.