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LACELength of Stay, Accuity, Comorbidities, ER (Emergency Room) Visits (hospital index)
LACELooked After Children Education (UK)
LACELWR (Light Water Reactor) Aerosol Containment Experiment
LACELanguage and Cultural Exchange (various locations)
LACELicensure, Accreditation, Certification, and Education (nursing)
LACEListening and Communication Enhancement
LACELiquid Air Cycle Engine
LACELow-Power Atmospheric Compensation Experiment
LACELunar Atmospheric Composition Experiment
LACELength-Based ASCII Compatible Encoding
LACEListening and Auditory Communication Enhancement
LACELaser-Assisted Chemical Etching
LACELaws and Customs of the Eldar (JRR Tolkien essay)
LACELAC Electronics
LACELocal Automatic-Circuit Exchange
LACELaser Atmospheric Compensation Experiment
LACELife After Cancer Epidemiology study
LACELaboratorio di Antenne e Compatibilità Elettromagnetica (Italian: Laboratory of Antennas and Electromagnetic Compatibility)
LACELaser Atmospheric Communications Equipment
LACELocally Adaptive Contrast Enhancement (medical imaging)
LACELindenberger Aerosol Characterization Experiment
LACELaboratory for Assisted Cognition Environments
LACELocation Ammunition Casualties and Equipment
LACELiquid (water), Ammunition on hand, Casualties (friendly only), essential Equipment (military radio call for status of)
LACELaser Communication Experiment
LACELicensed Agent's Clerical Employee
LACELow-Altitude Control Enhancements
LACELectin Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis
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