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LIPLithium Ion Polymer
LIPLife Insurance Policy
LIPLanguage Interface Pack (Microsoft Windows XP language localized "skin")
LIPLeft In Place
LIPLoi sur l'Instruction Publique (French: Public Education Act)
LIPLarge Internet Packet
LIPLanguage Interface Package
LIPLine Interconnecting Point
LIPLink Instance Port
LIPLicensed Independent Practitioner (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations)
LIPLateral Intraparietal
LIPLarge Igneous Province
LIPLaboratoire d'Informatique de Paris
LIPLymphoid Interstitial Pneumonia (Sheep Lentivirus)
LIPLocal Initiative Program
LIPLife In Place (website)
LIPLow Income Percentage
LIPLaser-Induced Plasma
LIPLow Ignition Propensity (tobacco products)
LIPLoop Initialization Primitive (fibre channel)
LIPLitigant in Person (legal)
LIPLanguage in Play
LIPLocational Imbalance Pricing (electricity markets)
LIPLanguage in Performance
LIPLanguage Industry Program (Canada)
LIPLift Improvement Program (US Navy)
LIPLime Light Production (India)
LIPLeaders in Prevention (various organizations)
LIPLife in Provincetown (website)
LIPlease in perpetuity
LIPLoan-in-Process (bank account)
LIPLean Integration Platform
LIPLine Item Project
LIPLatency Insensitive Protocol
LIPLegislative Information Pipeline
LIPLegal Intern Program
LIPLocal Indigenous Person(nel)
LIPLauncher Interface Processor
LIPLins, Sao Paulo, Brazil (airport code)
LIPLexicon of the Indo-European Particles
LIPLoop Interface Protocol
LIPLife Insurance Pathways (insurance education)
LIPLoader Image Protocol
LIPLadies Inter-Parish group
LIPLight Impression of Plate Number (plate block number on stamps)
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I am grateful for the memorable moments in both their lives and the richness they added to my life in Provincetown, not fully appreciated until I knew it would never be repeated.
Concerned about finding just the right type of beet for a proper stew, Mailer apparently was channeling his experience in Russia to enlarge his life in Provincetown. "I was beginning to understand that Norman thought about food as often as he contemplated man's reason for existence," Raymond notes, "-which was all the time."