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In response to these findings, Lifelong Learning UK launched three technology guides.
We saw this reflected in a hefty increase in calls to the Lifelong Learning UK Information and Advice Service as the last new year dawned.
David Hunter, chief executive of Lifelong Learning UK, said: "This is a big step forward in ensuring disabled staff and learners have the same opportunities as their non-disabled counterparts.
Newcastle College has been chosen by Lifelong Learning UK and the Department for Education and Skills to lead a Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training (CETT).
The staff involved were using draft material and information that had not yet been fully ratified by government and other parties, namely: (1) a definitive version of the ePD framework and its topics/units; (2) on the role of continuing professional development as a mandatory requirement from September 2007; (3) a definitive version of the new Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) teaching standards, leading to the Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) award; and (4) on the role of the Institute of Learning and mandatory registration with that professional body.
New professional standards for teachers, tutors and trainers in post-16 education and training in Wales were published in 2007 by the Sector Skills Council: Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK), following extensive consultation with stakeholders, practitioners, employers and WAG.
Lifelong Learning UK, the Sector Skills Council responsible for learning and development in the education sector, is advising the 3,525 trainers in the region to boost their credentials by embarking on training programmes.
Specifically, the self-assessment tool consists of two components: (1) ICT self-assessment -based on the e-skills IT qualification (ITQ) standards; and (2) eCPD self-assessment--based on the Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) e-learning standards.
Michelle Creed, the Wales director of Lifelong Learning UK, told MPs on the Welsh Affairs Committee: "It will impact on the resources that the learning institution is able to buy, the new technology like electronic smart boards, access to e-learning.
Outstanding FE Practitioner sponsored by Lifelong Learning UK
The sector skills council Lifelong Learning UK has been commissioned to carry out a three- month consultation on whether to introduce compulsory FE teaching qualifications here.
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