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Effects of feeding frequencies and sugar concentrations on lifetime reproductive success of Meteorus pulchricornis (Hymenoptera: Braconidae).
The previous discussion on the biological importance of puberty illuminates an extremely important concept; that is, the timing of puberty is a major determinant of the lifetime reproductive success of an individual.
Because projected survival and expected lifetime reproductive success are below average for these late-born offspring (Clutton-Brock et al., 1987; Green and Rothstein, 1993; Takatsuki and Matsuura, 2000), it may be counterproductive to produce a poor daughter that will establish a sympatric home-range and compete for resources with the mother and other relatives.
Longevity is an important predictor of lifetime reproductive success in other large mammals (Clutton-Brock 1988, Le Boeuf and Reiter 1988).
Second, fitness also includes lifetime reproductive success, or total number of clutches per female.
The uses of data on lifetime reproductive success. Pages 454-471 in T.
Here we go one step further in tracing fitness differences by analyzing the lifetime reproductive success of great reed warblers philopatric to our Swedish study site compared to that of immigrants.
Under this view, nonbreeding can be seen as a component of an adaptive strategy; under certain circumstances, refraining from breeding could increase the Residual Reproductive Value and maximize Lifetime Reproductive Success (Wooller et al.
Adult survival was reduced by 24% and lifetime reproductive success in females by 48%.
The effect of male material for female longevity and the connection between longevity and fecundity may explain why an earlier study did not find convincing evidence for a positive relationship between female body size and lifetime reproductive success in P.
(1995) estimated that about 87% of the seasonal decline in lifetime reproductive success was due to direct timing effects (the remaining 13% being due to quality differences between early and late breeders).
However, few studies have been able to combine investigations of the relative importance of direct male factors, e.g., territory quality, and indirect male factors, e.g., elaborate songs and feathers, on lifetime reproductive success in a single species.