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For the treatments with alternating light/dark conditions, the duration of each condition corresponded to periods of light and dark.
Ovigerous females were collected from the Broadkill River (Delaware) during July 2013 and maintained in 20 ppt seawater under a 14:10 h light/dark cycle.
In another study, mice exposed to light at night but that had food availability restricted to normal eating times gained no more weight than did mice in a normal light/dark cycle.
The light/dark universe; light from galaxies, dark matter and dark energy.
A: Comparing different lighting options should begin with an acknowledgement of natural light--sunlight, daylight (reflected sunlight) and the light/dark cycle (our wake/sleep cycle)--as the benchmark by which we should judge the quality and value an artificial light source has on our health.
Then let your garden grow because you will need long grass; choose a distinctive image with a lot of light/dark contrast and use a grid system to size it up.
In this study, the effects of acute administration of GHB (40, 80 and 120 mg/kg, ip) on anxiety, tested in the light/dark box, were examined in male mice of the OF.
This suggests that the effect of light/dark cycle on running and responding for the opportunity to run depended upon food-anticipatory activity.
These smaller design areas are likewise both beaded with contrasting light/dark stripes of color.
The work is a subtle light/dark comedy of individualism pitted against groupthink and scripted order, and it's difficult to know how to take it--graduation day at the ashram or the first day at a boot camp of the future, the rebellion's next promising crop of ragtags or the Empire's stormtrooper rejects.
Timed-pregnant Sprague-Dawley rats (Charles River, Raleigh, NC) were housed in breeding cages, with a 12-hr light/dark cycle and free access to food and water.
Entitled Sea of Light/Dark Land, photographer Aled R Hughes focuses on Waldo Williams (1904-71) whose greatest work was his single collection, Dail Pren (Leaves of a Tree) written in 1956.