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(3.) This column assumes that the non-recoverable light loss factor (i.e.
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] 460W HPS 280W LEP Benefit LAMP LUMENS 50,000 23,000 Fixture Efficiency 65% 85% directional source FIXTURE LUMENS 32,500 19,465 Light Loss Factor 75%r 80% low lumens degradation MEAN FIXTURE LUMENS 24,375 15,572 Application Efficiency 48% 82% optical control ROAD LUMENS 11,700 12,769 Application Efficiency: LEP's directional point source allows luminaire designs to maximize the amount of useful light for a target illumination area eliminating wasted light in the form of glare and light pollution.
DOE Municipal, Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium and the City of Boston is offering "LED Street Lighting Workshop." Held at the EPA New England Headquarters, Memorial Hall, Boston, MA, it will cover topics such as the Boston LED street lighting conversion program, specifying LED luminaries based on application, design tools for LED street lighting (what they are and how to use them), the meaning of light loss factors, cost benefit analysis, remote monitoring and controls--what works, and lighting design applications.