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LMILight-Matter Interaction
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Gao et al., "Strong enhancement of light-matter interaction in graphene coupled to a photonic crystal nanocavity," Nano Letters, vol.
University of Pittsburgh researchers have become the first to detect a fundamental particle of light-matter interaction in metals, the exciton.
According to the authors and outside experts, the new findings further advance the promise these new nanostructures hold for quantum computing and for new, more efficient, energy generation technologies (such as photovoltaic cells), as well as for other technologies that are based on light-matter interactions like biomarkers.
Through explicit efforts to visualize the invisible realities behind light-matter interaction, he seeks to open up better understanding of all optical phenomena.
Hermosa, a physicist who focused his research on light and light-matter interactions, shared his happiness on the recognition given by the Senate.
They cover the origins and development of photon science, properties of a photon, quantum optics and informatics, quantum fields, and light-matter interactions. Among specific topics are photons in free flight, radiation modes and polarization, qubits based on light photon statistics and quantum states, and near-field and far-field optics.
HCPCFs are extraordinaryly efficient for realizing resonance and near-resonance light-light and light-matter interactions due to long interaction length, small effective area, and the ability to suppress higher order modes [5, 6].