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LIKALong Island Karting Association (New York)
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I lika da house, dis house - all mine, no paya da rent, seven dollar da month.
The Greek side claims to have a complex name for Macedonia, and our side claims to have no complex name, rather one of the words should express the geographical determination," Lika says.
Lika and Merko, are BDI members whose participation in the government should provide better positions for Ahmeti on the local elections.
Lika kaufela zamaikuto kuamana ni benibonani ni bona ni kulatana ni bona litameha kukatazwa ki maswabi aka.
Ultimately, Komma Lika sparks much-needed conversations about the unequal division of domestic labour.
Lika said: "I know it's a very different concept for the English.
Cuando se conocen y comparten todo tipo de carencias, los dos jovenes enamorados de Lika, y ella misma, tienen un dejo de inocencia que conmueve.
I left Lika some small-curd cottage cheese, kitty litter, money, and the cat.
Also speaking at the dinner, the representative of the community foundations, Lika Vingas, said that the "non-Muslim minorities in Turkey felt strong during the term of the Justice and Development (AK) Party".
Bird clips punters' wings There was a distinct whiff of burnt fingers when favourite Vita Lika was turned over by Swift Bird in the 1m fillies' maiden as the runner-up was matched at 1.
According to Dnevnik, Hazbi Lika or Rafiz Aliti will be the new Defense Minister, Ermira Mehmeti Devaja will be Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Adnan Jashari will be Minister of Justice, and Nikola Todorov and Fatmir Besimi will retain their offices of Minister of Education and Minister of Economy respectively.
With data like these, we can fly around the sun to see what's happening over the horizon-without ever leaving our desks," STEREO program scientist Lika Guhathakurta at NASA headquarters, said in a statement.