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LOOLeave One Out (classification analysis)
LOOLast One Out
LOOLetter Of Offer
LOOLine of Operation
LOOLikelihood of Occurrence
LOOLicense of Occupation (forestry document)
LOOLog of Operations
LOOLesbian Owned and Operated (corporate management)
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Risks should be ranked based on their likelihood of occurrence, potential impact (financial, operational, and reputational), and existing compensating controls, if any, that are designed to mitigate the related impact.
This involves identification (and treatment) of the entity's cyber security risks and threats, bearing in mind the relevant information assets of the entity, as well as its existing cyber security controls and vulnerabilities, and the likelihood of occurrence of the risks identified and the likely resulting impact.
In terms of likelihood of occurrence risks that are graded as low are unlikely to occur and have a probability of occurrence below 0,1.
The best predicted logistic regression model, having the highest ROC, lowest residual, and overcommitment errors, was hardened for the dispersal model, where zero represented areas with less than a 20% likelihood of occurrence of subalpine fir and one represented areas where likelihood of occurrence of subalpine fir was greater than 20%.
This study measures degree of impact of risk factors and rating occurrence likelihood of occurrence of risk factors using an integrated measure of magnitude of unintentional events and impacts of events on project success [31].
This prediction is based on several facts: first, the successes of medicine in prolonging life without curing disease makes it easier to simultaneously contract two or more illnesses; second, demographic changes (with an increased proportion of the population reaching a higher age) increase the time individuals are at risk for a number of late-onset diseases; third, the epidemic spread of unhealthy life styles increases the likelihood of occurrence of several diseases which tend to appear together--such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes; and fourth, it is possible that deterioration of the environment will lead to a higher intake of pollutants and abnormalities in the immunological system of humans and, thus, facilitate the occurrence of allergic and other diseases.
Agencies can assess risk by determining likelihood of occurrence, number of persons affected, and the seriousness of the consequences of not responding to the risk.
Yet, perhaps equally important is the understanding that all risks are not equal--risks differ by likelihood of occurrence, potential impact, and the ability to detect the risk in time to avoid it.
Awareness of this potential injury by the general population, manufacturers, and retailers can reduce exposures and decrease the likelihood of occurrence. Careful examination of the grill surface before grilling or use of alternative grill-cleaning methods or products are advisable.
FMEA helps to identify potential failures as to their severity of impact, likelihood of occurrence, and your ability to detect the failure.
Rating both criticality and likelihood of occurrence from 1-5, a score of 20-25 would be very poor, where a low score of 5 or less would be quite good.
Risk is priced according to the likelihood of occurrence, based on experience.