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LAALinear Algebra and its Applications (various schools)
LAALos Angeles Angels (baseball team)
LAAL 'Assurance Accidents (French: Accident Insurance; various locations)
LAALove Addicts Anonymous
LAAL-Aspartic Acid
LAALatin American Alliance (Santa Rosa, CA)
LAALegal Administrative Assistant (various companies)
LAALocal Area Agreements (UK)
LAALyme Art Association (Connecticut)
LAALatino Alumni Association (various organizations)
LAALate Antique Archaeology (publication)
LAALeft Atrial Appendage
LAALicense Assisted Access (mobile devices)
LAALarge Address Aware (computing)
LAALongest Available Agent
LAALan Address Administration
LAALinear Addressing Architecture
LAALatin American Awards
LAALatin American Association
LAALight Aircraft Association (UK)
LAALifetime Achievement Award
LAALotteries and Amusements Act (UK)
LAALocally Administered Address
LAALearning Alliance Approach
LAALibrary Association of Alberta
LAALaboratory Animal Allergy
LAALimited Access Authorization
LAALikely to Adversely Affect
LAALibrary Association of Australia
LAALocal Airport Advisory
LAALocal Authority Associations
LAALeft Atrial Abnormality (cardiology)
LAALive Art Archive (UK)
LAALubbock Apartment Association (Lubbock, TX)
LAALead Agency Attorney
LAALymphoedema Association of Australia
LAALeague of Animal Artists (Dallas, GA)
LAALatin American Antiquity (publication)
LAALongest Available Agent (Cisco)
LAAL2TP Access Aggregation
LAALight Anti-Aircraft Artillery
LAALocal Area Assessment (UK)
LAALeicester and Leicestershire Animal Aid Association (UK)
LAALoad Adaptive Algorithm
LAAJamahirya Libyan Arab Airlines (ICAO code)
LAALangley Activities Association
LAALow Activity Aircraft (military flying exercises)
LAALeague of Advertising Agencies
LAALos Angeles Abrasion test (measure of rock toughness)
LAALouisville Arena Authority, Inc.
LAALaser Association of America (now the Lasers and Electro-Optics Manufacturers Association)
LAALeading Agents in Australia
LAALook At Agency (State Farm Insurance)
LAALeft Atrial Auricle
LAALamar, Colorado, USA - Lamar Municipal Airport
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This eventuality is likely to adversely affect the ongoing works in Tarbela 4th Extension Hydropower Project.
"In many cases they accept a violation of their labor rights to avoid losing their job," it noted, adding that having children was also likely to adversely affect a woman's pay and career prospects within a company.
images likely to adversely affect the security of the nation and any sites that
"It is inhumane, cruel, degrading, and unlawful, and, most worryingly, it is likely to adversely affect the mental and physical health of underage detainees." Last month, a 15-year-old Palestinian boy named Khaled was placed for five days in solitary confinement because he started a hunger strike.
We are concerned that the situation could continue to deteriorate as lower recovery rates and declining ore grades in Buryatia are likely to adversely affect total cash costs.
A briefing note by the BHA racing department, which has gone to various industry bodies, concludes: "Changes to the Flat racing programme from July to December 2011 are most likely to adversely affect horses that are relatively highly rated but below the level normally required to be competitive in black-type races.
Moreover, aggressive expansion plans of competitors are likely to adversely affect the operating efficiency of the company over the medium term.
"There is evidence from biological monitoring of Gulf veterans that DU exposures likely to adversely affect health were very unlikely to occur, even for those in the Royal Society's highest risk exposure category: those in a vehicle hit by a DU munition.
"Toddlers with autism are missing rich social information imparted by these cues, and this is likely to adversely affect the course of their development," the expert added.
The securities sector was the morning session's worst performer, dragged down by Nomura Holdings Inc.'s filing Friday of a registration statement with the government to raise up to 300 billion yen in capital via a public stock sale to stabilize its financial base -- a move that is likely to adversely affect shareholders.
"This customer dispute is also likely to adversely affect revenue and profitability in the first half of the next financial year."
Today's cell phones, PDAs and other ultra-portables are becoming smaller and lighter-and more likely to adversely affect one another due to sheer numbers and proximity to other electronic devices.