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22) Don Dimas gave a contract to Lilit which stated: "Conste que yo, don Dimas de la Tijereta, cedo mi almilla al rey de los abismos a cambio del amor y posesion de una mujer.
This is a parabolic retelling of the Jewish myth, yvit h Dracula, his father, Incl Zofia/Lilith replacing Adam, God, and Lilit It.
Rondini A (2002) La scrittura e la sfida: Una lettura di Lilit di Primo Levi.
Levi acknowledges that be has told the Rumkowski story before in Lilit e altri racconti, where he characterized his subject as a "personaggio cinto dalla nube della doppiezza," that is, surrounded by irony (441).
Given [Bakiyev's] resolve in recent years to concentrate power in his hands only, it is difficult to see how a political compromise may be found," Lilit Gevorgyan, political analyst at IHS Global Insight.
CUTLINE: (1) Anna Schlapak, 5, of Grafton plays piano as instructor Thiwangkorn Lilit points out notes on a wall chart at the Royal Academy for Music in Shrewsbury.
He prepares Sate Lilit Ikan (Balinese Minced Fish Satay with Sweet Soya and Chilli) for starters and Ikan Bumbu Kare (Stewed Butter Fish Curry with steamed rice and Asian vegetables.
Ishtar entre los semitas de oriente, y tambien Lilit o Lilitu, cumpliran la misma funcion.
22 May 2008: Sosi Alexanian, Ani Arutyunyan, Susan Bae, Heidi Choe, Cristina Correa, Cord Greene, Bree Hemingway, Lilit Kazaryan, Michelle Kwong, Dustin Lee, Louis P.
Special guest stars include: Charlie Bisharat (Solo Violinist), Karen Briggs (Solo Violinist), Frank Crawford (Keyboards), Pedro Eustache (World Woodwinds), Gary Innes, (Accordion), Jana, (Guest Vocalist from Lebanon), Lilit Khojayan (Kanoon), John Pena (Bass Guitar), John Robinson (Drums), Walter Rodriquez (Latin Percussion), Nasser Salameh (Middle Eastern Percussions), Ramon Stagnaro (Spanish Guitar), and Michael Thompson (Electric Guitar).
La autora se hace eco, por otra parte, de algunos desarrollos miticos que proceden de fuentes distintas, como el mito de Lilit (originado en algunos sectores del judaismo), supuesta primera esposa de Adan, denunciada por este a Dios, por negarse a someterse al varon y cohabitar con el.
Her first book of poetry, El libro de Lilit (Seville: Renacimiento), received the Premio Rafael Alberti in 1995 and her short story, "Fabula del murcielago," was runner-up for the Premio Barcarola in 1996.