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LILLALaboratoire d'Ingénierie Linguistique et de Linguistique Appliquée (French: Engineering Laboratory of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics)
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Lilla all fair, like the old Saxon stock from which she is sprung; Mimi showing a trace of her mother's race.
Was it Hafiz or Firdousi that said of his Persian Lilla, She was an elemental force, and astonished me by her amount of life, when I saw her day after day radiating, every instant, redundant joy and grace on all around her.
Addressing gatherings at Lilla and Khewra, he said the PML-N leaders were being targeted with shoes for attempting to change the oath of finality of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), but the Nawaz League was accusing the PTI of orchestrating these attacks.
Rather than a genuinely political vision of America's destiny, Lilla writes, the last several decades have been defined by "two tired individualistic ideologies intrinsically incapable of discerning the common good and drawing the country together.
National politics in healthy periods is not about 'difference,'" Lilla wrote, "it is about commonality.
But I wasn't talking about their experience or my experience," Lilla pointed out when I spoke with him recently.
Lilla acknowledges that he is a pro-choice absolutist on abortion, but he argues that a national party must build a big tent that accommodates people who dissent from the main party line on a few issues.
No se trataba, como sugiere Lilla, siguiendo la mejor historiografia britanica, de una diferencia de grados o de intensidad.
Kunglv, Lilla Edet, Tjrn and Stenungsund as well as that of those municipalities jointly owned company Canopy AB (the client) has avsikta to procure a single provider of banking services.
Lilla concluye: "Actualmente, los cuentos infantiles parecen ser mas potentes que las fuerzas economicas .
In August 2014, Mr Lilla and Mr Muraleedharan instructed the Firm's Senior Executive Officer and the Compliance and Money Laundering Reporting Officer to open three accounts for clients which had been assessed as "high risk".