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LWLeft Wing
LWLightwave (NewTek)
LWLight Weight
LWLimewire (p2p software)
LWLuftwaffe (German: air force)
LWLong Wave (see LF)
LWLow Water
LWLimited Warranty
LWLeatherworking (game)
LWLetter Writer
LWLethal Weapon (movie)
LWLaser Warning (US Air Force)
LWLaunch Window (space flight)
LWLine Width
LWLand Warrior (Army)
LWLock Washer
LWLangwelle (radio band 30-300 KHz, German)
LWLutheran Worship
LWLast Wish
LWLandsteiner-Wiener (blood group)
LWLord Willing
LWLaser Weapon
LWLower West
LWLeave Word (trunks)
LWLylat Wars (game)
LWLiving Worlds
LWLeaky Wave
LWLeft Waist Gunner
LWUS East Coast to Southwest Pacific (routing designation;US Navy)
LWLoodswezen (Dutch)
LWLincoln Way High School
LWLiegewagen (German Couchette)
LWLAN War (gaming)
LWLouisville and Wadley Railway Company
LWLincoln-West High School (Ohio)
LWLAN/WAN Exchange
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First, there is no structural break in the percentage change of per capita seasonally adjusted albums sold that corresponds to the period of operations for both Napster and Limewire P2P servers.
(45.) Kazaa, LimeWire, and eDonkey are just three examples of popular peer-to-peer networks that allowed users to search and share files.
Lewthwaite and Smith [127] looked into the Limewire artifacts remained in Windows registry and other log files.
En octubre de 2010, Limewire, una de las mas grandes plataformas para bajar musica en los Estados Unidos fue cerrada, con lo cual se redujo el porcentaje de la poblacion estadounidense que compartia fonogramas en la web de 16% en 2007 a 9% en 2010 (IFPI, 2012a, p.
(17) The music industry pursued lawsuits against each of the new peer-to-peer services that popped up, including Kazaa, Morpheus, Grokster, Aimster, LimeWire, and MegaUpload.
Imitators like KaZaA and Limewire popped up in its absence, but it was only a matter of time before they were shut down as well.
"Besides the creation of new access services, the uptick in digital revenues can also be attributed to RIAA's anti-piracy efforts to shutdown major pirate websites like LimeWire and Kazaa," Friedlander explained.
File-sharing, popularised by the likes of Napster, Limewire and Kaz, meant that users could swap and copy music with impunity.
The increasing number of defendants who are clicking a mouse once, enabling their computer to become part of a file-sharing network like Limewire or Gnutella, may have a harder battle in countering the publicity prong, given that their computers are essentially opened up for other computers to "see" and access.
After Napster came Limewire and Kazaa, both of which were shut down, but record companies could now have a much tougher fight on their hands with YouTube.