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LOQLimit of Quantitation
LOQLimit Of Quantification
LOQList Of Questions
LOQLevel of Quantification
LOQLow Quality (project evaluation)
LOQLoquitur (Latin: speaks)
LOQLine of Questioning
LOQLaugh Out Quiet
LOQLead-Off Question (discussion technique)
LOQLeadership Opinion Questionaire
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Limit of quantification (LOQ) of used method for both wheat and rice samples was observed as 0.1 ng g-1 in case of congener 1 and 0.5 ng g-1 in case of congeners 2-4, based on S/N ratio [greater than or equal to]10.
* Where a calculated mean value of the measurement results referred to in paragraph 1 is below the limits of quantification, the value shall be referred to as less than the limit of quantification.
The lower limit of quantification during validation was 0.005 [micro]g/mL and the limit of detection was 0.0025 [micro]g/mL.
Moreover, the MRM transitions giving the best signal-to-noise ratio and limit of quantification for AVLGVD-PFR were afforded by the product ions b2 m/z 171.1, y3 m/z 419.3, and y6 m/z 690.3.
Limit of Detection (LOD) and Limit of Quantification (LOQ) were analyzed based on the standard deviation (SD) of the response and the slope.
The limit of detection and the limit of quantification were calculated utilizing the S/N ratio method described above.
As a result, the peak areas at 207 nm were considerably higher, which led to improvement in limit of detection (LOD) and limit of quantification (LOQ) values.
In addition, samples U1, U2, U3, and U4 were analyzed 60 times in different nonconsecutive days to calculate the lower limit of quantification (LLoQ), which is the lowest concentration of analyte in a sample which can be quantified reliably, with acceptable accuracy and precision [26].
Sustained virologie response is defined as HCV RNA levels measuring less than the lower limit of quantification at 12 weeks after the cessation of treatment (SVR12), indicating that a patient's HCV infection has been cured.
licensure, immunogenicity was assessed by the proportion of subjects who achieved a [greater than or equal to]4-fold increase in hSBA titer for each of the strains tested, and the proportion of subjects who achieved a titer greater than or equal to the lower limit of quantification of the assay for all strains (composite response) (20,21).
However, I've been given a compound to analyze, in recent years, where observation of the structure had me thinking, "This will fly in the mass spectrometer (MS), a lower limit of quantification (LLOQ) of sub ng/mL levels." When I received the initial data from the person who developed the method, I was dumbfounded to see a LLOQ of 5 ng/mL.
The Limit of Quantification (LOQ) should not be higher than 100 [micro]g/kg for MCPD and glycidol bound to fatty acid esters in edible oils and fats.