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The limit of quantification for each element is dependent on the sample matrix and the instrument used but should not be greater than 3 mg/kg for the specified elements with these methods and requires verification.
Among the subjects, 50% achieved a titer greater than or equal to the lower limit of quantification to all four test strains (Pfizer, unpublished data).
When the instrument provides a readout of "Less than the Lower Limit of Quantification, HCV RNA detected," many labs combine that with the "Target Not Detected" result, and in their LIS system it simply indicates the result is either negative or less than the LLOQ, suggesting that nothing was measured.
12 Table 3: Calibration data and Limit of Detection (LOD) and Limit of Quantification (LOQ) of 20 pesticides in tomato samples.
The most common definitions describe blips as isolated viral load measurements above the assay detection limit (usually 50 HIV-1 RNA copies/mL) but less than 500 copies/mL to 1000 copies/mL, in patients with previously undetectable HIV-1 RNA and in whom the subsequent test is again below the limit of quantification.
The optimized ELISA had a limit of quantification of less than 1 ppm.
Gas concentrations below the limit of quantification were assumed to be zero in the calculation of the air pollutant means.
Additionally, "seven of eight treatment-naive patients and four of eight null responders had HCV RNA concentrations below the limit of quantification (43 IU/mL)," the authors wrote.
05 [micro]g/g has been used in the pharmacokinetic studies of diminazene and monitoring of milk for diminazene residues at the 25 [micro]g/kg level with a limit of quantification of 10 [micro]g/kg [9, 10, 11,12].
Paice said she and her colleagues conducted a small study to assess the bioavailability of a topical formulation of morphine relative to the 100% bioavailable subcutaneous dose, but in blood samples collected from the participants beginning 5 minutes to 10 hours after dose administration "we seldom detected morphine in plasma samples after topical administration, and when it was detected, the concentrations were below the limit of quantification [0.