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LOVLand of the Vikings (various organizations)
LOVList of Values
LOVLetter of Verification
LOVLimit of Validity (aviation)
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LOVLos Osos Valley (California)
LOVLove of Variety (consumerism)
LOVLists of Value
LOVLogical Object Volume
LOVLiving Our Values (various companies)
LOVLine of Visibility
LOVLower Ottawa Valley (Canada)
LOVLight-Oxygen-Voltage Sensing Domain (protein sensors)
LOVLibrary of Virginia (Richmond, VA)
LOVLoss of Vehicle (space travel)
LOVMonclova, Coahuila, Mexico - Monclova Airport (Airport Code)
LOVLoss of Value
LOVLetter of Variation (various locations)
LOVLa Organización Verde (Spanish: Green Party, Guatemala)
LOVLast Office Visit
LOVLeuvense Oldtimer Vrienden (Dutch: Leuven Oldtimer Friends; automobile club; Leuven, Belgium)
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Currently, the filing certification has no limit of validity provided the authorization of RP is valid, in comparison to a registration certificate, with a four-year term.
At this point, it is useful to point out that the empirical range within which a phenomenological law can be considered valid is called the limit of validity, whereas experimental precision is the error range within which the empirical measurement must be considered a correctly determined one.