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Cheiroarthropathy (derived from Greek cheiro, which means "hand") or limited joint mobility syndrome presents itself with the restriction of joint mobility due to contractures.
We now show that 15 years later, joint mobility deteriorated significantly in diabetic patients but did not change significantly in control subjects, indicating that the progression of limited joint mobility was specifically associated with the presence of diabetes and was not due to aging.
(16) High frequency of other hand syndromes, such as limited joint mobility or cheiroarthropathy has been found among diabetic patients with shoulder capsulitis.
Limited Joint Mobility (Diabetic Cheiro- Arthropathy)
Keywords: Diabetic hand, limited joint mobility, Dupuytren's contracture, trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome.
Nonenzymatic glycosylation of collagen leads to increased thickness of surrounding soft-tissues, thus resulting in limited joint mobility (15).
Limited joint mobility in the foot is a common condition owing to increased foot pressure and foot ulceration.
altered biomechanics, increased plantar pressure, bony abnormalities, and limited joint mobility.
Third, somatic neuropathy causes and exacerbates deformities, such as intrinsic minus foot, hallux valgus, and hammer toes, and autonomic neuropathy predisposes the feet to abnormal sweating and cracking, which are forerunners of infection.[3,5] Treating these consequences of neuropathy expectantly, regardless of its presence or absence, with special devices, shoes, and surgery, as well as treating limited joint mobility, onychomycosis, extensive callus formation, and hyperkeratosis prevents ulcers.
This study concluded that neuropathic patients with foot ulcers had more limited joint mobility than non-neuropaths and uncomplicated neuropaths.
Keywords: Type 1 diabetes, Mauriac, Limited Joint Mobility, Lipodystrophy, Lipoatrophy, Anaemia, Lipohypertrophy, Amyloidosis, Brink-Starkman.
Limited joint mobility is also known as diabetic cheiroarthopathy (after the Greek word "cheiros" for hand.
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