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LOILetter of Indemnity (international trade and carriage business)
LOILetter Of Intent
LOILack Of Information
LOIList Of Items
LOILetter of Inquiry
LOILevel of Importance
LOILevel of Independence
LOILoss On Ignition
LOILetter of Invitation
LOILeague of Ireland (Irish soccer league)
LOILine of Inquiry
LOILevel of Intervention
LOIList of Illustrations
LOILack of Intelligence
LOILetter of Investigation
LOILimiting Oxygen Index
LOILocation of Injury (medicine)
LOILaw on Investment (various locations)
LOILimit of Indemnity (insurance)
LOILimit of Identifictation (chemistry)
LOILament of Innocence (video game)
LOILa Oferta Irresistible (Spanish: The Irresistible Offer; Uruguay)
LOILodge of Instruction (Masonic lodge)
LOILevel of Interoperability (various organizations)
LOILoss of Imprinting (oncology)
LOILunar Orbit Insertion
LOILocal Operator Interface
LOILength of Interview (surveys)
LOILack of Interest
LOILevel of Interactivity (software)
LOILife Outreach International
LOILaughing on the Inside
LOILoyal Orange Institution (religious group)
LOILocation of Interest
LOILoss Of Input
LOILimited Over International
LOILeyton Obsessional Inventory
LOILoan Origination Interface (software)
LOILine Oriented Interview (airlines)
LOILetter Of Instruction/Interest
LOILending One, Inc.
LOILiving Ocean International
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ABBREVIATIONS ABS Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene APP Ammonium polyphosphate CCT Cone calorimeter test DTG Thermogra v imetric EG Expandable graphite EVA Ethylene vinyl-acetate FE-SEM Field emission scanning electron microscopy FPI Fire performance index FTIR Fourier-transform infrared HDPE High-density polyethylene HRR Heat release rate LOI Limiting oxygen index PER Pentaerythritol PHRR Peak heat release rate PUF Polyurethane foam RPM Red phosphorus masterbatch SEM Scanning electron microscopy TGA Thermogravimetric analysis THR Total heat release TTI Time to ignition ZB Zinc borate REFERENCES
Effect of Flame Retardant on the Limiting Oxygen Index. Limiting oxygen index estimates the flame residence.
Limiting oxygen index (LOI) is the minimal oxygen concentration that allows the sample to burn in a stable way.
NOMENCLATURE APP Ammonium polyphosphate DMMP Dimethyl methylphosphonate DTG Derivative thermogravimetric EG Expandable graphite FPUF Flexible polyurethane foam FTIR Fourier transform infrared KOH Potassium hydroxide LLDPE Linear low-density polyethylene LOI Limiting oxygen index MDI Polymeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate MEL Melamine MH Magnesium hydroxide RPUF Rigid polyurethane foam SEA Specific extinct area SEM Scanning electron microscopy TDI toluene diisocyanate TG Thermogravimetric TGA Thermogravimetric analysis ZB Zinc borate REFERENCES
Specific limiting oxygen index (LOI) requirements need to be known to specify flame retardancy fully.
It also has a moderately high limiting oxygen index (LOI) of 25% and an Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-94 flammability rating of V-2 down to 1.6-mm thickness.
The synergistic flame retardant effects of ammonium polyphosphate (APP) with LDH in etbylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) composites were studied using limiting oxygen index (LOI), UL 94 test, cone calorimeter test (CCT), and smoke density test (SDT).
It has a flexural modulus per ASTM D790 of 95,000 psi and a limiting oxygen index of 95 minimum.
Compounding SFR-100 resin in a PP base with ammonium polyphosphate and pentaerythritol (AMP/PTT) mixed in a 26:1 ratio meets the V-0 requirements detailed in UL Standard 94 and provides a good limiting oxygen index value.
In the present work, the effects of Fe-OMT and ATH on the flame-relardant and thermal properties of the EVA/ATH/Fe-OMT composites have been studied using limiting oxygen index (LOI).
EPDM, EVA, PVC sheet, PVC foam and PVC/nitrile blends are among those which show increased values of limiting oxygen index and/or decreased smoke density with the addition of Mg-based compounds (ref.