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Standardized force platform (FP) measures on this system include limits of stability (LOS) test, sensory organization test (SOT), and motor control test (MCT), which assess voluntary postural control, sensory integration, and reactive postural control, respectively.
Limits of stability excursion was significantly reduced in the 71 to 80-year-old age group as compared to the 41-60 and 61-70-year-old age groups.
Table-II: Numbers of injured and uninjured players with good and poor Limits of Stability (LOS) by direction Pre-test and Post-test and Odds Ratios (OR).
Limits of Stability (LOS): The LOS is an indicator of dynamic stability in the standing individual.
In this study, the limits of stability assessment was completed twice, in succession, during the pre- and postevaluations, and a single assessment of the 8 body weight shifts were performed at the interim evaluations due to time constraints.
Six subjects showed abnormal responses to limits of stability assessment.
In contrast to this approach, when I tackled this problem, I used neither calculation for the limits of stability of the electron shells in atoms, nor experiments on synthesis of new elements, but absolutely another theoretical approach which allowed me for formulation of a new law in the Periodic Table and, as a result, the upper limit in it.
An individual's limits of stability are influenced by their mass, base of support, and center of mass (position and velocity) (23, 39, 43).
[25] The limits of stability around normal adults standing with the feet comfortably apart form an ellipse with an anteroposterior dimension of about 12.58 and a lateral dimension of about 168.
Newton, "Validity of the multi-directional reach test: a practical measure for limits of stability in older adults," Journals of Gerontology--Series: A Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences, vol.
Trainings consisted of two limits of stability, three weight shiftings with visualexternal biofeedback practices, and one standing practice with covered biofeedback.