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LINASLaser Integrated Navigation/Attack System
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Leaving the village of Linas, without stopping at the telegraph, which flourished its great bony arms as he passed, the count reached the tower of Montlhery, situated, as every one knows, upon the highest point of the plain of that name.
The forester climbed up, brought the child down, and thought to himself: 'You will take him home with you, and bring him up with your Lina.' He took it home, therefore, and the two children grew up together.
Lina saw this and said, 'Listen, old Sanna, why are you fetching so much water?' 'If you will never repeat it to anyone, I will tell you why.' So Lina said, no, she would never repeat it to anyone, and then the cook said: 'Early tomorrow morning, when the forester is out hunting, I will heat the water, and when it is boiling in the kettle, I will throw in Fundevogel, and will boil him in it.'
Then Lina said to Fundevogel: 'If you will never leave me, I too will never leave you.' Fundevogel said: 'Neither now, nor ever will I leave you.' Then said Lina: 'Then will I tell you.
The children, however, were sitting outside the forest, and when they saw from afar the three servants running, Lina said to Fundevogel: 'Never leave me, and I will never leave you.' Fundevogel said: 'Neither now, nor ever.' Then said Lina: 'Do you become a rose-tree, and I the rose upon it.' When the three servants came to the forest, nothing was there but a rose-tree and one rose on it, but the children were nowhere.
Then said Lina: 'Fundevogel, never leave me, and I will never leave you.' Then said Fundevogel: 'Neither now, nor ever.' Said Lina: 'Be a fishpond, and I will be the duck upon it.' The cook, however, came up to them, and when she saw the pond she lay down by it, and was about to drink it up.
28 December 2012 - Lithuania-based agribusiness parent company Linas Agro Group AB (VSE:LNA1L) said today it had sealed a deal to acquire the 54.95% stake it does not already hold in UAB Jungtine Ekspedicija for about LTL1m (USD399,300/EUR303,000).
Linas Agro bought the shares from people who were stockholders in the company.
Linas' casual attitude to fashion means he stays clear of flashy designer labels, instead preferring to raid the rails of the likes of TK Maxx.
Darley sent Linas Selection past stablemate Hearthstead Wings with three furlongs to run and kept him going in his inimitable fashion to hold the challenge of Balkan Knight by a length.