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LNLincoln (postcode, United Kingdom)
LNLast Name
LNLine Number
LNLike New
LNLogarithm (Natural)
LNLotus Notes
LNLymph Node
LNLaguna Niguel (California city)
LNLiquid Nitrogen
LNLaan (Dutch: lane)
LNLocal National
LNLexisNexis (online legal research tool)
LNLibyan Arab Airlines (IATA code)
LNLawrence North (High School)
LNLa Nina
LNLeague of Nations (predecessor to United Nations)
LNLearning Network (USACE)
LNLega Nord (Italian: Northern League, political party)
LNLithium Niobate
LNLocal Nation(s)
LNLanguage Neutral (Microsoft Windows programming)
LNLoad Number
LNLeslie Nielsen (actor)
LNLawful Neutral (gaming)
LNLeonard Nimoy (actor)
LNAdministrative Leave
LNLevel of Noise
LNLarry Niven (Author)
LNLink Utility
LNLegalman (USN Rating)
LNlead nation (US DoD)
LNLocation and Navigation
LNLittle Nickel (newspaper, Washington)
LNLiga Nord (Northern League)
LNLolita Nation
LNLogarithm, Napierian
LNLocal Occupation (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
LNLotería Nacional Para La Asistencia Pública (México)
LNLogistics Need
LNJamahirya Libyan Arab Airlines (IATA airline code)
LNLicensed Nutritionist
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Lincoln management also invested $1 million in equity in this transaction.
The Lincoln Exchange Sales Event expires at the close of business on March 31, 2012, and new retail delivery must be taken from dealer stock by April 2, 21012.
Chapter titles include "Abraham Lincoln: The Myth and the Man," "'All-Conquering Mind': The Education of Abraham Lincoln," "An Old-Line Henry Clay Whig," "The Slave Power," "Lincoln and the Union," "Race and Restoration," "Lincoln's America: The Rise and Fall of the Second Republic," and "The Great Democrat: Abraham Lincoln and the Meaning of the Civil War.
In fact, you yourself might be saying along about now, "Hey, I know who Abraham Lincoln is, and why is this Dwyer character seeking to tarnish him?
The popular image of the legendary figure Abraham Lincoln is afflicted with an a historical and un-political perfectionism, both among those who celebrate him and those who, in disillusioned rebound from the myth, debunk him.
I don't think Lincoln could've been the president he was without going through the dark night of the soul.
The following August, Lincoln named Senator Samuel Pomeroy, of Kansas, as his Commissioner of African Colonization.
For Mary Lincoln, viewed by capital insiders as a parvenu outsider from the hinterlands out west, securing Madame Keckly's services was the social equivalent of joining the right club," Fleischner writes.
Lincoln has been pleased with how National Recycling Services has caught on, but says scrap industry observers should not be surprised.
For one thing, about a year ago, Lincoln had personally authorized the addition of a new limestone supplier--Majors and Co.
Still, Lincoln knew the law would not actually free any slaves immediately because it only applied to Confederate areas not occupied by Union troops.
Q: With talk of a possible future economic recession, would you say Lincoln offers a recession-proof approach?